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Efficacious and Benefits of Pandan Leaves

Pandan leaves, like any other plants have unique varieties which can aid different ailments. I have this plant in my backyard garden which I frequently use in cooking rice and some various desserts. Recently, I have learned some numerous benefits I could get in using Pandan Leaves which I am about to share with you.

Pandan leaves are often used to scent food. Not only scented aroma, pandan leaves has a myriad of health benefits for the body. Even against some diseases, pandan leaves into a natural medicine.

First, let me introduce to you what Pandan Leaves are? These are also called Pandan Plant which is very popular for its aromatic flavors. Most predominantly used in the Southeast Asian cooking and is known to be barren.

Pandan Leaves Content

As many people observed, the uses of pandan plant are not limited in cooking uses. Each part has been found to have medicinal benefits containing tannin, glycosides and alkaloids, which said to be the reason for the effectiveness of such various health concerns.

Pandan leaves contain alkaloids, saponim, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, and natural dyes commonly used as a food flavor enhancer. It turns out all the substance that was effective for traditional medicine.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Pandan Leaf

There are so many ways and preparations you can make using pandan leaves. One is to cook with the juice or add gelatin into it to make a buko pandan. below is how to use pandan leaves cure some disease:

1. Rheumatism and muscle pains. Wash three fresh pandan leaves and then slice thinly. Mix half a cup of coconut oil that has been preheated. Apply on the affected part after felt pretty cool, balanced with massage gently.

2. Weak nerves. Wash and thinly sliced ​​3 pieces pandan leaves are still fresh. Provide three cups of water to boil pandan and let stand until the remaining approximately 2 cups. After a cold, drink every morning and afternoon of the glass as a herb.

3. Discolor hair. Take 7 pieces of pandan leaves then wash and cut. Boil 1 liter of water until the water changes color to green. Keep up the next day. Furthermore mix with 3 noni juice to rub on your hair. Let stand until 10 minutes, and rinse with clean water.

4. Dandruff. As for black hair, a recipe for dandruff is not much different. Finely minced 7 pandan leaves after washed. Add half a cup of water as he kneaded. Then squeeze and strain the water pandan leaves. Apply to the skin dandruff and let stand for half an hour and then rinsed.

5. You can as well make a juice by boiling the leaves and letting them steep. Here’s how.

  1. Gather a bunch of Pandan leaves according on how much aromatic you want your juice and tie them into a knot so that it will be easier to remove from water later.
  2. Fill in 2/3 warm water in a large pot.
  3. Drop the knot of pandan leaves into the water then bring to boil .
  4. Let the leaves boil for 10 minutes.
  5. Reduce the heat to simmer and cover the pot. Simmer the leaves for another 10 minutes until the leaves soften and the water turns green.
  6. Remove the leaves from the juice. Let the juice cool to room temperature and transfer it to an air-tight container.
  7. Store the juice in the refrigerator up to 7 days.

Hence, pandan flowers are rare. However, it is said to be aphrodisiac, which can stimulate sexual desire.
This was something about the Pandan Leaves. If you know anything about the uses and benefits of Pandan leaves, share it with me!

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