Top 6 Benefits of Laugh

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Usefulness of laughing for health is no doubt. Benefits of guffaw or laugh out loud have been known to ease pain and reduce stress, strengthen social bonds, and enhance the immune system response. Recent research has shown that laughter can actually be a form of exercise. Some findings regarding gelotology, branch of science that studies

Overcome Astigmatism with green vegetables

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What is Astigmatism Sharpness normal human eye to see pictures or writing at a distance of 6 meters. In addition, the eye can see clearly the point of view of visuals 5 degrees. If one can not see with these standards then it is possible abnormal eyes. One of the abnormalities in the eyes, one

Healthy Benefits of Swim

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Swimming Healthy Benefits The benefits of swimming are not only for health but also form a more perfect body. Swim also suitable for pregnant women, those who have problems with obesity, and impaired bone joints (arthritis). In addition to minimal risk of injury, the following other benefits you can get: Top 5 Benefits of Swimming

Top 10 Benefits of Chocolate

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Chocolate Healthy Benefits Chocolate Benefits Over the past there is the notion that chocolate causes dental caries and may also be responsible for the problem of obesity. Undeniable that obesity is a risk factor for degenerative diseases. But a study at Harvard University shows that if you balance the consumption of chocolate candy with enough

Almond Health Benefits

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5 Benefits of Almonds for the Body Almonds Benefits Almonds are not only delicious eaten as a friend ice cream or cookie dough mixture. In various studies suggest that the type of beans with the Latin name (Prunus dulcis) has abundant benefits. Benefits of Almonds for Diabetes Increased blood sugar is a serious threat faced

Benefits of Fart

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Healthy Fart Benefits Benefits of Fart Fart (flatus) is the release of gas that has been produced in the digestive tract via the anus. Farts are often regarded as an act rude if done in public by most of the cultures, including the cultures of Indonesia. Even to respect the norms of etiquette or a