overcome hernia without surgery with this exercise

Hernia is a disease caused by stomach muscles began to weaken. The disease is also referred to as disease ‘ hernia ‘ This usually happens in the groin area.

Hernia patients would have symptoms vary, depending on the type of hernia that they suffered. Up to now there are still many people who believe that the hernia can only be cured by surgery alone. Though there are other ways that can be done to overcome the pain due to hernia, namely through yoga athletics.

Yoga movements has proved efficient enough to cure some types of hernia, depending on the patient’s condition. Doing yoga regularly can also make patients have a more healthy lifestyle. Here are some types of yoga that can be done to overcome a hernia, as reported by the Boldsky ( 09 / 11 ).

Top 4 Yoga Position to Cure Hernia

1. Supta Vajrasana
This movement is done by using rocks elbows, head, and neck. You must sit down, then bend the elbow to the back and put the head on the floor. When doing this, you will need to be bent and knees position on the floor. Very important to close your eyes and let the body relax while doing it, so you can get the best results.

2. Sarvangasana Asana
Sarvangasana is another movement that is more difficult to do. To do this, you should be lying face with both hands on the side of your body, keep the hands in order to stay on the floor. After that, raise your legs with the help of hand. Bend your elbows to keep straight regular handheld. Further care that foot position perpendicular to the neck.

3. Vipareetkarani Asana
Mudra vipareetkarani movement similar to Sarvangasana. But at this yoga movement, body and legs should form an angle of 45 degrees, while in Sarvangasana body and knees forming an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Halasana
Yoga movement is done by lying on her back and then put your ass sideways. Afterwards, you should lift up and straight legs without creating pressure on the hand. Then move your foot down to thumb through your head touch the ground.

That’s some yoga movements that can be done to cure ghernia without performing the operation. Other yoga movement is also effective to overcome a hernia is Pashini Mudra, Aswini Mudra, Yogamudra, Jalandhat bandh, and others. Nevertheless important to remember that better do yoga movement on the supervision of or yoga instructor to avoid injury.

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