Over Time Sitting, Risk Men’s Colon Cancer

Not only one time research says life lazing would damage one’s health. A number of diseases are associated with this habit, like diabetes and heart attacks. Most recently, over time sit appear colon cancer risk, particularly in men.

Details, a team of researchers from the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University states that prolonged sitting increases the risk of a man to have an adenoma or benign tumors in the colon, which became the early symptoms of colon cancer. As reported by the Huffingtonpost, Wednesday.

“With the discovery of an increased risk of recurrence of adenomas in the large intestine, especially in men with the highest sedentary time, we believe efforts to reduce sitting time is added to the list of public health recommendations to improve health and prevent the disease in the community, ” said researcher Christine L. Molmenti Sardo, Ph.D., MPH, from the Department of Epidemiology, Columbia University.

Research presented at the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research is based on observations of the 1,730 people who took part in two trials held the University of Arizona.

All participants claimed to have undergone colonoscopy or removal procedures adenomas of the colon, at least once within a period of six months before the start of the study. Although the researchers found no association between sedentary activity with a recurrence of adenomas in the large intestine when looking at existing data on male and female participants simultaneously, researchers actually found a link that you want when observing the data only male participants.

The man who spends as much time as 11.38 hours or more just to perform sedentary activities ( such as reading a book or watching television ) have a risk of up to 45 percent higher to have more adenomas than men who only spent 6.9 hours doing sedentary activities.

Not only that, high sedentary activity coupled with low -intensity physical exercise is associated with a risk of emergence of adenomas researchers back up to 41 percent. Even the condition of man ‘s participation in sedentary activity and physical activity are equally low is still much better than the men who are ‘ active ‘ lazing all day.

Another study released in 2011 also presented each year there are more than 170,000 cases of cancer that occurred only because the sufferer sitting habits.

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