Night Shift Workers Have a Higher Risk of Breast Cancer; beware

Higher Risk of Breast Cancer on Night Shift Workers

According to a Canadian medical review, as reported by, someone who works on the night shift activities have a risk of breast cancer is greater than those who did not. The conclusion of the review is not just geared specifically for women workers, considering the men also have the possibility of breast cancer as women.
However, if the conclusions of the review right? Then, how can work at night increases a person’s risk of developing breast cancer?
The above conclusion has been demonstrated by previous studies by The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) which revealed that the hours of work a person can be carcinogenic (causing toxic or poison). However, the lack of evidence in previous research as well as the narrowness of sorts respondents were involved – previous studies have only examined the nurses who undergo regular night shift – making Prof. Kristan Aronson from Queen’s University in Kingston decided to design a new study.
In the new study involving 1100 workers Aronson women diagnosed with breast cancer and 1100 other without previous diagnosis. Although this study include factors such as reproductive patterns, lifestyle and body mass of each – each respondent, this research still focuses on whether the curfew affecting an increasing one’s risk of breast cancer.
A hypothesis can finally be concluded from the study by Aronson. The conclusion states that a woman who works at night and spent his days sleeping or outside activity had a greater risk of breast cancer. That’s because the lack of production of the hormone melatonin – the hormone anti cancer – due to lack of sun exposure that he got.
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