Natural way get rid of skin fungus infection

Fungal Skin infection diseases has a high prevalence in in the population tropical climates and high humidity. Fungal diseases can actually be cured, it’s just often not treated until complete and one pick antifungal drugs.

Fungal Infection In Skin Type

Fungal Skin Infection Prevention

Avoid Fungal Skin Infection

There are two types of fungal infections of the skin tinea (its lay terms we call ringworm / scabies / water fleas) and tinea versicolor.

1. Tinea
Tinea infections caused by Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton. Tinea can affect areas of the skin (ringworm / scabies) or hand-foot (athlete’s foot), nails, anus, buttocks, genital, hair, and scalp.

Transmission can be direct or indirect. Direct transmission of the direct contact with the skin or hair for good mushrooms from humans, animals, or soil. While indirect transmission can be through plants, wood fungus infestation, clothing, and dust. Can also be transmitted through contamination of clothing, towels or bed linen patients.

2. Skin Fungus
Skin fungus is caused by Malassezia furfur fungus infection. Infection occurs when yeast / hyphae / spores attached to the skin. Patients will undergo a skin disorder in which white people are the mushrooms will appear brown spots or red (hyperpigmentation), while in patients with brown-skinned or black fungus will look younger patches (hypopigmentation).

Patients complained of feeling itchy when sweating or itching without complaint at all, but people feel embarrassed because of the spots on the skin. The fungus spread by contact or personal equipment contaminated skin of patients and lack of personal hygiene.

prevention of fungal skin infection

1. Maintain personal hygiene
2. Make it a habit to take a bath at least once a day. Wash your feet twice a day and dry it by pressing (do not rub) with a towel.
3. Dry your skin thoroughly after bathing.
4. Make it a habit that every person store and use their own towel so as not contaminated with fungal or bacterial diseases.
5. Wash towels and clothing contaminated fungal with hot water to prevent the spread of infection.
6. Use antiperspirant to reduce perspiration and makes skin dry so it does not facilitate the growth of fungus.
7. Use socks and underwear from cotton, change regularly (at least once a day).
8. Use an antifungal powder on your shoes or socks.
9. Antifungal products generally need to be given up to two weeks after free skin fungal infection that completely lost without the rest.

Treatment of fungal skin infection

Fungal skin infection Medication can be done from the outside and inside. External treatment can be powder, anti-fungal creams and ointments that can be purchased over the counter. But, be sure to use the right fit hint that the fungus is completely gone completely. For the treatment of the (drugs taken), must be prescribed by a doctor.

With natural ingredients, overcome fungal infection on the skin can be done by slicing slant / oblique one finger fresh rhizome of galangal (Alpinia galanga) , then applied to the fungus infected skin. Do this every day after bathing until the fungus is completely gone.

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      Ringworm on the face outside of the beard area is called tinea faciei. On the face, ringworm is rarely ring-shaped. Characteristically, it causes red, scaly patches with indistinct edges.Mycozil Nail Fungus


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