Natural Ingredients for Sun Burn Treatment

The Benefits of  Natural Ingredients for Sun Burn Treatment

Perhaps you have experienced burns stung exposure to sunlight (sunburn) for too long sunbathing on the beach. Or scalded, stung pot / pan is still hot, exposed to splashes of cooking oil, or stung board. If you burn treatment supplies was discharged. Maybe these tips can you make as a first aid. Here will share knowledge about the natural ingredients that can be used as a burn treatment.

Cucumbers and Potatoes
Take a slice of cucumber and slice the potatoes with the same part of the comparison. Peel and wash. Puree in a blender. Apply on body / burns. Mixture of cucumber and potato absorbs heat in the skin as well. Potatoes contain anti- trade. Water content contained in the cucumber will make your skin cold and burns better. Let the burn skin for a few moment, then rinse with cool water. (Can be used one: cucumbers or potatoes)

Aloe vera
Take a Aloe vera, take the meat. Aloe vera can be used safely on the skin affected by burns. Apply on the affected skin burns. Aloe can reduce heat and pain burn, so it burns quickly recovered and improved. Or you can puree (blender), then apply to skin burns.

Tomatoes and strawberries
Take tomatoes and strawberries with the same comparison. Rinse and blender. Apply this natural cream on skin burns. It is suitable to reduce redness pain on exposed skin sunburn. Water content of vitamin C and natural strawberry tomato mixture burns can reduce sunburn, prevents skin inflammation and nourish from the outside. (Can be used one of them : tomato / strawberry only)

Milk or yogurt
Apply pure milk or plain yogurt to compress the sunburned skin. Leave for a couple minutes, then rinse with cold water. Milk or yogurt will also restore the skin affected with sunburn.

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