Natural Facial Skin Care Tips

For women, clean and shining face became one of the most important factors in an attractive appearance. The face looks dull will make women less confident. Not a few women who often complain of dull face and figure out how to change it to make it look white glow. Dull skin caused by the increased action of the enzyme tyronase to produce excess melanin in the skin.  
Some causes of face looks dull  
Exposed to excessive sunlight and are in hot environments Working in air-conditioned room which causes the skin to become dry Psychological disorders such as high levels of stress Irregular diet (high fat diet consumption) The presence of congenital factor Tips for facial skin is not dull 
– Be diligent to consume water. In addition to good skin mrawat, water is also good for your health in general. Standard normal water we consume per day is eight glasses. 
– Increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lack of vitamin A and B can cause the skin to become dull and dry. The skin also needs vitamin E is enough to keep it bright and become more youthful and not easily wrinkled. 
– Clean your face using a gentle cleanser. For a dull face, just use once a day at bedtime that, and in the morning when bathing. Tip: do not use hot water as this will make your skin dry. 
– Use a soft textured towel and clean. Do not rub the towel on the skin. Do this by slowly pressing a towel, and let some residual water left in the skin to provide moisture to the skin. 
Tip: You can treat the skin with a scrub that has an extra fine grain and soft (do once a week). Additionally, you can also use a face mask to help nourish the face. If your skin type is dry, you can use an avocado mask or apples. 
– If you are using beauty products, choose one that has a high alcohol content because this can trigger more oil glands 
– Avoid using facial cleansers that cause facial skin becomes drier 
– For natural products that you can use celery leaves. Why is that? Celery is considered as fast and safe way in addressing the problem of facial skin dull and almost no side effects. Use celery leaves, cut them up small and put in a pot of boiling water. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes to cool. After that, wipe the leaves of celery to face. Allow to dry and soak into the skin abortion. Finally, rinse with clean water.  
The most important thing to consider in caring for and keeping the skin is not dull is doing to your skin care routine and regular basis.
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