Mouth Cancer More Deadly than Cervical Cancer

Mouth cancer is a serious problem in the field of Mouth health. In the United States, according to data reported by the National Cancer Institute, there are about 41 thousand cases of the disease each year and causes nearly 8,000 people died.

Mouth cancer is cancer that occurs in all parts of the mouth. Mouth cancer can occur on the lips, gums, tongue, mouth wall, and the palate or floor of the mouth. Normal Mouth mucosa can be described in six words: “moist”, “soft”, “pink”, “elastic”, “smooth”, “sustainable”. If the mucosa of the mouth can not be described through 6 of the word, means that there are abnormalities. For those who are middle aged and above, irregularities in the Mouth mucosa must be considered.

Leukoplakia, precancerous changes

Many diseases found in the Mouth mucosa appeared white patches. White patches in the Mouth cavity is called leuoplakia should be kept. In medicine, the term ” Mouth leukoplakia ” coud lead to diseases that develop into cancer !

Patients often feel rough lining of the mouth and downsizing. Danger of leukoplakia of the mouth is affected parts are not sick, not amused, there are no scabs, making it difficult to detect. Leukoplakia is a disease that can develop into cancer. If not treated immediately, it could turn into cancer. Opportunities changing into cancer between 10-30 percent.

Mouth cancer is more deadly
Professor of Mouth pathology at Tufts University United States, Michael Cajen, comparing the prevalence of Mouth cancer with cervical cancer. He said of the 11,000 cases of cervical cancer, approximately 6,000 of which can be detected through pap smears.

” There is one person died from Mouth cancer every hour, which accounts for at least 2 times that number of cases of cervical cancer, because the Pap smear can reduce cervical cancer rates by 90 percent, ” he said.

Smoking and alcohol consumption are the major cause of this disease, but there are 25 percent of people with Mouth cancer is not caused by two things. At least there are caused by Human Papilloma Virus ( HPV ). The virus that causes most cervical cancer, which during Mouth sex can cause mouth cancer.

Important known early

Currently, prevention, inspection, and early treatment is very useful to reduce the death rate caused by Mouth cancer. If the patient is found ulcers in the mouth that would not go, accompanied by pain, neck lymph node swelling and other symptoms of Mouth cancer, Mouth cancer should be vigilant against.

Mouth cancer at an early stage if received early treatment, can produce good results. Experts of Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, Peng Xiao Chi said, advanced technology for treating cancer in the world today is a minimally invasive technique.

According to statistics obtained from Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou, the success rate of this minimally invasive method in patients with early-stage cancer can reach 90 percent. While the success rate in patients with advanced cancer as high as 60 percent.

When Mouth cancer has reached the final stage, the goal of treatment is to prolong the patient’s life chances, reduce pain. If patients are elderly, her condition was not too good, to be more careful in choosing the method of treatment. Surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy can aggravate the condition of the patient.

Medium cryosurgery or freezing methods, therapeutic embolization, planting seed particles, immunotherapy and other minimally invasive methods, will only lead to injuries such as ” keyhole “, pain and side effects caused by the small. Recovery was rapid and effective.

Peng said the best cancer treatment in consultation with a medical team of experts, as well as the use of cryosurgery methods, interventions, seed particles, traditional Chinese medicine, immunotherapy and other methods, combined in accordance with the patient’s condition, combining one or several methods for treatment. This comprehensive treatment approach can maximize cure rates.

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