Milk Ingredients and Benefits During Pregnancy

Content of the milk and the benefits for pregnant women and their fetuses

Milk contains proteins that function:
– Build and repair body tissues (muscle, bone, skin eyes heart and liver)
– Helps the formation of blood, amniotic fluid and placenta
– Forming antibodies
– It takes as much as 60 grams of protein per day
– Sources other than milk protein: beans, tofu

Milk also contains calcium that function:
– Form bones and teeth baby
– Prepare for breastfeeding
– Blood freeze
– Maintain calcium itself, because if the mother is not taking calcium, the baby in the womb will take calcium from the mother’s body that can cause the mother at risk for osteoporosis
– Needs calcium 1000 mg
-source calcium than milk: cheese, green vegetables, fish

Milk also contains vitamin D that function:
– Helps the absorption of calcium in the blood for bone formation and tissue baby
– A source of vitamin D than milk: egg yolks, tuna, rays of the morning sun for 15 minutes

Milk also contains iron that function:
– Forming red blood cells for mothers and infants to prevent anemia
– Needs 30-60 mg iron
– Sources other than milk: meat (beef, chicken, fish), beans, oysters

Milk also contains vitamin A function:
– Assist the formation of bone and tissue in infants (teeth, hair, nails, vision)
– Forming in the gums enemel
– Form of defense against infection
– A 5000 IU vitamin needs
– In addition to milk, other sources of iron bisadidapatka of: fruits, vegetables, egg yolks, butter

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