Men Like This More Vulnerable Got Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is most common in women. But make no mistake, men can also get breast cancer, you know. Well, what kind of man are susceptible to breast cancer ?

“Men with good lifestyles. He obesity, lack of exercise, eating too much junk food, smoking, and likes to stay up, ” said publicist Jakarta Breast Cancer Foundation, Bambang Purwanto, after the press conference Fun Reebok Pink Ribbon Walk 2013 at Citywalk Sudirman, Central Jakarta.

According to Bambang, the latest data from the RS Dharmais found that breast cancer in men by 15 percent. However, he stressed that the number of breast cancer not only pure but is supported by other factors such as lung cancer is due to smoking.

“In men, breast size also affected, because the fat man milk glands there, so he is more vulnerable ” he added.

Bambang exemplifies one of the men who get breast cancer are musicians Melky Ayala, the father of Joey Ayala. “If Melky Goeslaw cigarette because it affected, it’s pure breast cancer, ” he said.

Bambang also appealed to him to continue to examine her breasts, for example, saw a lump or pain in the breast. If you find a lump or often feel pain, you should immediately consult a doctor.

“Men are certainly different from the same woman, that women can be painful because you’re menstruating., But if the man, did he not menstruating. So if you like pain and find a lump, see a doctor immediately, ” said Bambang.

In women, body fat can also lead to breast cancer. Therefore, Bambang also remain women to routinely clean the nipples and the area below the breast crease. For if the dirty state of the breast, then the bacteria will be easy to get in and make women more at risk of developing breast cancer.

” Wear a bra is also not too tight later breast moist and could not breathe. If sleep try not to wear a bra. Pas run or the gym also wear a bra that is too tight baseball shaken, ” said Bambang.

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