Martial Art Benefits

Martial Art Evolutions
Basically, martial arts can be categorized into two aspects, the technical and non-technical aspects. Every martial arts school has an understanding of the similarities and differences in both conditions, but the differences are not fundamental. The history of a country, customs, traditions and natural environment where martial arts is growing and developing, will color difference between the two aspects.

1. The benefits of the technical aspects martial art

  • Can use martial arts techniques in combat in a vast battlefield, to maintain their safety. 
  • Can use martial arts technique in a fight in the arena or a limited extent. 
  • To develop techniques to deal with an opponent in battle certain circumstances, for example, opponents of more than one person, or face attack opponents using weapons. 
  • Can maintain physical health through regular exercise martial. 
  • Can control the opponent’s attack, and then controlled the fight so that the attacker and the attacked was not until severe injury. 
  • Can paralyze opponents with a tempo that is not too long, so it does not need a lot of wasted energy.
  • Can defend yourself and others by not relying on a frontal attack against an opponent who may have more power.

2. The benefits of the non-technical aspects martial art.

  • Having confidence in yourself and do not panic to save yourself and others. 
  • Having a mental attitude and relatively tough to not give up easily when faced with problems in life.
  • Having high morale in the pursuit of desire. 
  • Discipline can apply in everyday life. 
  • To understand the cultural arts and community character of a nation where martial arts originated, so that the fabric of brotherhood among fellow creatures God can be strengthened although different nations, countries, races, religions and ideologies. 
  • Can control the attitude and behavior of day-to-day so as not to harm others. 
  • Can enhance and balance the physical, mental and spiritual harmony of dynamic rhythms of life. 
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