Lavender – Flower with thousand benefits

The Benefits of Lavender Flower

Appearance lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is indeed very interesting. Purple flowers are small and fragrant aroma. Flowers are often polished to a body scrub to avoid mosquito bites. As befits zodia, lavender also contains linalool.

Lavender contain with its natural aromatic nutrient known as one of twelve essential oils in aromatherapy, also have restorer content being used to balance moisture levels in the skin, while soothing and smoothing skin.

Lavender flowers known how sweet it smells very fragrant and fresh to use in the perfume industry. Buds or roots of the plant’s flowers contain a fragrant oil extracts and has many benefits. Lavender flowers can protect our skin from insect bites such as mosquitoes. Extract or lavender oil is also used in the manufacture of soap, shampoo and body lotion. Or fragrant flower aroma is able to soothe our feelings, so we feel relaxed. As a result of this plant extract is also used for aromatherapy oils.

In addition, Lavender Flower also contains an antiseptic that kills germs and bacteria. So, besides useful in skin and body care, these flowers are also used as cleaners and fragrant floor.

Because lavender is a fragrant flowers which are able to harmonic heartbeat rhythm, so one can use lavender benefit to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Top 6 Benefits of Lavender

lavender benefits

lavender flower with thousand benefits

1. Benefits of Lavender flowers are often used as a mosquito repellent, remember those ads, right? “From the Original Lavender”. But keep in mind that lavender also has other benefits, as well some of the benefits of lavender flowers:

2. Benefits of Lavender Flowers as Medicine Insomnia, Place a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow that will be used to sleep. Or place the buds dried lavender flowers on the pillow.

3. Benefits of Lavender Flowers as Medicine Headaches. Massage at the temples, behind the neck, and forehead using lavender oil, it can relieve headaches or dizziness that you are experiencing.

4. Benefits of Lavender Flowers for Healing Wounds. The trick is to dilute the lavender Oil by using olive oil or jojoba can. Mix one part lavender Oil with 10 parts of oil. Then apply to the wound.

5. Lavender Flowers benefits for digestive disorders. Drink tea lavender to solve various problems in your digestive system. How, to prepare 1 tablespoon of lavender buds, cook with water until boiling. Use the cooking water to make tea.

6. Benefits of Lavender Flowers to Relieve Stress and Anxiety. Place the lavender plants in a corner of your home, or place the lavender stems in a small vase and place it on the table. Well besides useful to relieve stress, can also repel mosquitoes.

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      The trick is to dilute the lavender Oil by using olive oil or jojoba can. Mix one part lavender Oil with 10 parts of oil. Then apply to the wound.

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