Java tea leaves benefits

Benefits of Java tea leaves

Benefits of Java tea leaves

Benefits of java tea leaves – Java Tea (Orthosiphon Stamineus Benth) is a plant species that is usually used as

Thus the benefits of java tea however would not we get if we can not process it properly. Okay we just started, Here are some of the benefits of java tea are good for health. and how to use java tea leaves as medical purpose

an ornamental plant by some people who love plants, but who would have thought behind the beauty, java tea also has great merit, especially for health. Chemically java tea contain glycosides many orthosiphonin is a substance that serves to dissolve uric acid and phosphorus in our body, especially the urinary and bile conceived, and still much more content and other benefits from the java tea.

Benefits of Java tea

1.   Benefits java tea as diuretic
*    Fresh leaves java tea as much as 1/4 handheld boiled in a glass of water.
*    Simmer until the remaining 1/2 cup.
*    take it and let it cool, then strain.
*    Taken 2 times a day, every time I drink half a glass.
2.   Benefits of java tea for Urinary stones
*    90 grams of leaf java tea washed and boiled in one liter of water to boil and the remaining 750 cc.
*    After java tea cold, drink three times a day each third section.
*    Drink this mixture until the disease is cured.

3.   Benefits of java tea for Pain urination:
*    Brewed and drank a pinch of dried leaves java tea like other tea, may also be given if palm sugar.

4.   Benefits Java tea leaves for Sick waist:
*    7 leaves and 2 pieces of java tea washed roots.
*    Boil with a glass of water.
*    save it for one night,
*    drink it after ane night save

5.   Benefits java tea leaf for angina:
*    1 tablespoon leaf java tea with a glass of boiled water until the water half.
*    Drink as well.

I hope this article about the benefits of java tea, may be useful for you.

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