Increasing Healthy Sperm Through Natural Way

Healthy sperm is needed for fertilization as the male gamete cells. Based on research, in a normal count it should be at least 20 million of spermatozoa for each milliliter of semen. Within at least 30 percent of normal size and shape and 75 percent of live cells at ejaculation. It means that the fertilization is less if the sperm count below the healthy amount. 

The factors that could increase the number of healthy mobile sperm is exercising. It is better for you to use loosing underwear as the way to reduce the scrotum temperature, healthy diet and abstaining from alcohol and smoking excess. 

Increasing Healthy Sperm Through Natural Way
Increasing Healthy Sperm Through Natural Way

How to increase healthy sperm count naturally?

Healthy sperm diet brings possibility to increase the sperm count in natural way. Remember that mineral zinc is required in order to produce sperm for prostate. The sperm will less mobile and the count will be lower if your body does not have enough zinc. It is recommended for you to increase consuming meats such as pork, chicken and lambs. Or, you can also consume seafood such as crab, lobster and salmon. Grains and legumes are helpful too such as whole grains, peanuts, and brown rice or pumpkin seeds. Not only zinc, but Vitamin C could increase the healthy prostate

What food you should consume to increase sperm count?

Sperm supplement could be the additional option for you, but the most important thing is about your eating manner. For example, it is important to have selenium, an antioxidant which is needed for good sperm health and production. Based on result showed that over 400 ml of selenium each day is not healthy such as whole – milk cheeses, eggs, chicken and tuna. 

Another thing you should consider is L – arginine as one of 20 amino acids which is helpful in creating protein and being essential in the sperm cell production. Basically, when you increase L – arginine of course you will increase the sperm count. You can find L – arginine in nuts and turkey. Or, you can find it out from beef and chicken and pork. The last thing you should remember is about avoiding soy. 

Reducing soy in your diet will help you if you are concerning about sperm count. Eating soy food a day could lower the sperm concentration has been found by Health Day in 2008, because soy could increase the estrogen production which means that it brings negative impact toward sperm production. That is why you should avoid soy for sperm count problems.

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