How to Distinguish Heart Attack with Ordinary Chest Pain

Research reveals that in fact over a third of heart disease patients do not complain of pain in the chest. However, symptoms are felt long before that is when he felt pain in the chest and missing arising within 5-10 minutes.

However, the critical point is often overlooked by many people. For symptoms of a heart attack, said that is not exactly true but the sensation of chest pain in the chest that felt very unwell severe tightness in the chest. So, how to distinguish between them? The following is a detailed explanation.


How to Distinguish Heart Attack with Ordinary Chest Pain

how to distinguish the experienced chest pain due to heart disease caused or by other diseases or disorders? statement of Dr. Rob Lamberts said that people need to distinguish when a serious chest pain or a heart attack caused by other diseases.

If the chest pain is suffered strongly indicated leads to heart disease then swift action to address them must be done prior to the occurrence of damage to the heart muscle which can ultimately lead to sudden death.

Typical Symptoms of Heart Attack

Let us consider the typical symptoms that occur in people who have heart attacks. After reading it, ask yourself, if you are experiencing some of these symptoms?

• chest felt tight and heavy making it very difficult to breathe
Maybe you’ve seen an advertisement of asthma medication on the screen , which looks a woman who illustrated ‘re feeling like severe shortness of breath were tied by a strong rope and tight . Well , that’s what it feels breathless man who had a heart attack .
• sweating, queasy stomach, and anxiety arising
The condition arises necessarily coincide with crowded breath until breathing difficulty.
• Pain that radiates
Neck pain, followed by pain in the left arm and jaw, on the back of the abdomen, and also occurs on one shoulder.
• Heart rate beat faster or faster than usual
At the same time, the agency also suddenly felt very weak. And notable dangerous symptoms above can happen even when you are resting in the sense of not doing the activity. Nevertheless, the above symptoms can also arise after exercise, after spending a great meal menu, or when under stress.

If you feel some of the symptoms above, see your doctor and get help immediately. You need to know, the heart muscle will be permanently damaged after a heart attack. In order to prevent more damage and severe, seek immediate help if you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack.

Non Mycrocardial Infarction or Heart Sickness, Chest Pain

As the title goes, not only heart attack, other cause can give pain on chest. Here are some of the culprit responsible for chest pain.

•    Pain on chest while coughing
Pain that strikes when coughing is a lesser concern, it’s not likely caused by heart attack. It is commonly by infection of upper respiration organs cause by virus. A proper treatment is still in order, though.
•    Pain On Ribs
This one is a common companion for other kind of disease such as zoster herpes.
•    Pain on flesh or chest bone.
A commonly normal condition, frequently happens for people with increased physical activity.
•    Broken Ribs
Pain on chest can also happen because of damage on one or more ribs, it may be broken after an incident or result of a fight.
•    Pneumothorax
Is a condition of lung, inflicting pain on chest and causes the patient suffocation.
•    Frozen blood on lung
The condition known as emboli can cause a troublesome pain on chest. The doctor’s advice is in order to deal with the pain.
•    Spinal Core Illness
    Surely you are familiar or at last have heard of pinched spinal cord. A condition that can hurt the chest, very painful and extremely annoying.

Those are some symptoms we can use to tell which pain that may caused by heart sickness or regular pain with lower level of mortality risk yet still a risk.

Pay attention to the description to reduce the risk of heart sickness. Miss diagnosis will lead to fatal conclusion of condition and treatment, which resulting in increased death factor.

Keep in mind that pain on chest that is caused by heart sickness or Myocardial infarction occurs in very short duration, making it hard to detect. It required high degree of sensitivity and tremendous level of responsibility.

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