How to Cure Migraine without Medicine

How to Cure Migraine without Medicine
What are the symptoms of migraine?
Migraine treatment naturally could help you reducing the pain and stay healthy instead consuming medicine that could disturb all activities you have to do. In order to do the treatment, it is better for you to assure whether or not the pain is because of migraine. To do that, learn first about the symptoms. Migraine is a painful experience within a warning sign known well as an aura. 

Some people experience aura such as a sudden flash and blind spots. Or, you may experience tingling and weakness around your leg or arm. Not only that, but you can also feel pain around one side of your head that could cause an extreme sensitivity toward smells, sounds and lights. If you think that you feel a painful headache that last for several hours and even days, beware about the symptoms.

How to Cure Migraine without Medicine

How to Cure Migraine without Medicine


What you should do when you feel migraine symptoms?

Migrainetreatment is needed directly when you feel the symptoms. Stop doing anything that you are involved in. Rest is the most important as soon as you feel the symptom is coming. To minimize the pain of your migraine, start the treatment. Remember that you should not walking or bending down because it can make the pain getting worse so that you should avoid any activities. 

Later turn off the lights, the sounds since migraine will increase the sensitivity of sound that will lead to the problem of severe headache in one side of your head. Lie down, relax and try to sleep in a dark room could be helpful.

How if your migraine getting severe?

If by resting or lying down could not work well, you can use ice pack or cold compress. You can also use cloth warm compress as another choice. Prepare coffee, soda, or even tea. Use lavender massage oil to relax your body. Then, wrap an ice pack in a cloth and place it on the back of your neck before applying it with gentle pressure on the painful areas as the migraine treatment

Warm compress could help the tense muscles around your neck and shoulders become relax so place it on those areas. Or, you can also take warm bath with warm shower or soak. Massage your neck, temples and scalp by using lavender oil. Visualization could be a distraction from your migraine so that imagining is work well. The last you could do is drink caffeine, tea or soda to ease your migraine without migraine medicine. See more 7 Ideas to Have Healthy Breakfast Diet

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