Hibiscus flower health benefits

health benefits of Hibiscus flower
Hibiscus flower is an annual herbaceous plant, upright, approximately 3m high. Stem: Spherical, woody, hard, approximately 9 cm diameter, young old dirty white purple after. 
Leaves: Single, trumpet form, in the armpit leaves, petals form a bell, sharing five, yellowish green, the crown consists of fifteen to twenty petals, pink, stamens many, stalk red sari, yellow anthers, pistil tube shape , red. Fruit: small, oval, approximately 4mm diameter, young white after dark brown. Seeds: Flat, white. Root: Stables, light brown.

Efficacy and Benefits of Hibiscus Flowers

Leaves of H. rosa sinensis as a medicine in children fever, cough medicine, and medicine thrush. Hibiscus leaves have medicinal properties rosasinensis fever in children, cough medicine, and medicine thrush. By the Society of Nigeria, the leaves of H. rosasinensis used as an addition to the vitality of a man (aprodisiaka).
Research shows that the leaves of this plant extra ethanolic anabolic effect with a marked increase in body weight of rats (22%) and weight of testis, epididymis, seminal vesicles and prostate. Ethanolic extract of flowers of this plant are also reported to lower total blood cholesterol and serum triglycerides (20-30%) and to increase HDL levels by 12% and lowers blood sugar levels. 
Leaves, flowers, and roots Hibicus rosa sinensis contains flavonoids. Besides, the leaves also contain tannins, saponins, scopoletin, cleomiscosin A, and C. cleomiscosin
health benefits of Hibiscus flower

health benefits of Hibiscus flower

How to use as herbal

For the treatment of constipation: hibiscus leaves mixed with boiled water and then squeezed the container such as a bowl or pan. Results juice leaves the shoes will be cooking oil resembling mucus. The water can be drunk directly.
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