Healthy Benefits of Swim

Swimming Healthy Benefits

The benefits of swimming are not only for health but also form a more perfect body. Swim also suitable for pregnant women, those who have problems with obesity, and impaired bone joints (arthritis). In addition to minimal risk of injury, the following other benefits you can get:

Top 5 Benefits of Swimming

1. Muscle formation
Swimming requires you to move almost all of the muscles in the body. When it moves in the water, your body must expend more energy because they have to fight the mass of water that is able to strengthen and flex the muscles of the body. This movement can indirectly make the muscles more toned and sculpted.
2. train the respiration
Swim to strengthen the respiratory system making it suitable for people with asthma. Movement in the area could make the respiratory system longer and healthier body.
3. Improving the ability of cardiac function and lung
Swimming can be regarded as an aerobic exercise in the water. Movements push and kick the water using the limbs, especially the legs and arms able to spur the flow of blood to the heart, blood vessels, and lungs. Movement is able to improve the function of the heart and lungs as trained regularly.
4. Height increase
For children who are still in its infancy, swimming can make a higher body. For adults, swimming can improve your posture so that it can look taller.
5. Eliminate stress
Exercise is able to eliminate stress. So even in a swimming motion carried with a relaxed and slow to increase endorphins in the brain that calmer mood. Contact with water will make your body cooler that affect mood and mind.
Swim does have many benefits but also not spared from the shortage. The only drawback to this sport is not good for bone health. Not the force of gravity when swimming turns bad influence on bone mass.
This contagion could you cope with intersperse with other sports, such as cycling, walking, or jogging. Note also security when you are swimming, especially if you are not good at swimming, make sure someone is watching.
The other thing you need to consider is that warming up before swimming. Warm up 10-15 minutes, can by swinging arms and legs or walk around the pool. Get the benefits of swimming for you are also the people you care about.
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      Novak Jim7 years ago

      Swimming is really a best physical activity. We can increase our body strength and make bones joints flexible through this enjoyable workout.
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