Healthy Benefits of Cassava

Benefits of Cassava has many benefits for health, benefits also known as cassava tubers which have antioxidant, anti cancer, antitumor, and increase appetite. Not only that, cassava is also able to cure various diseases. What are the diseases?
Cassava efficacy for ArthritisTo treat arthritis, treatment with cassava can be from inside or outside. In external use, use cassava leaves five pieces plus 15 grams of ginger. Then stir and apply on the body.

For inside treatment, use 100 grams of cassava stems, lemongrass, salt, ginger 15 grams. All the ingredients are boiled with water up to 1000cc to 400 cc, filtered. Drink as much as 200cc once a day. Do it for two days.
Cassava Benefits for FeverBoil 60 grams and 300 grams of cassava stems of cassava leaves with 800 cc of water. Let the stew shrunk to 400 cc, strain and drink. For maximum results, should drink it twice a day.
Efficacy Cassava to treat woundsCassava can also be used to treat wounds that have entered the stage of infection. How: Mashed cassava stems were still fresh, and cream in a wound. It may also wrapped again with a bandage. For injuries caused by hot objects, cassava can be grated and squeezed. Then rub in the wound. Repeat until the wound dry.
Cassava Benefits for DiarrheaTo treat diarrhea or abdominal pain, try using cassava leaves. How to boil the seven pieces of cassava leaves, with 800 cc of water, allow it to shrink 400 cc, strain and drink.
Cassava Efficacy for HeadachesDrinking too much headache medicine is not good for health. Therefore, you should try the natural way by pounding cassava leaves until smooth, then put it on top of the head to compress.
Cassava Benefits for BeriberiLuckily for those who love to eat cassava leaves, because it will be spared from this disease. However, for those who have the disease beriberi, should consume 200 grams of boiled cassava leaves as fresh vegetables.
Efficacy Cassava to Improve StaminaTo increase stamina, mix 100 grams of cassava, 5 grains angco (a type of Chinese dates), and water. To avoid a bitter taste, add a little honey.
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