Healthy Benefits Of Basil Leaf

Basil (Ocimum sanctum) most people probably only know that basil is only used as fresh vegetables, added to fish dishes, chicken or use as a traditional medicine

Plants like basil and the basil or basil (Ocimum basilicum) has an interesting history, this type of plant once the plant kingdom in France and Italy.

The flower of this plant was chosen to express love, while in India this plant is one of the sacred plants that are used for religious ceremonies. In the country of China, the plant is used as medicine infection, abdominal pain, snake bites, insect, drug fever and as a cancer drug.

Many other countries also use the plant as medicine in tradition, such as Greece, the Philippines, Tanzania, Mexico and the United states and Europe.

Regardless of the scientific evidence, basil and sweet basil has been used empirically use in traditional medicine for various diseases, either in Indonesia or other countries.

Basil is rich in beta-carotene and magnesium, an essential mineral that serves to keep and maintain a healthy heart. Basil scent is inviting appetite. Naturally, if people consume these leaves as raw vegetables, spiced mixture, Karedok or threatened. In addition to flavor dishes, basil contains arginine compounds are found to strengthen the life of sperm, prevent sterility and lowers blood sugar. Basil also contains substances that can stimulate the formation of hormones androgen and estrogen.

Basil leaves are normally used fresh vegetables with sauce, cabbage leaves and cucumber slices turns out to have health benefits. Often people who are not interested in making basil leaves are also not liked by some people for some reason, like they do not like the smell or just do not like it.

In fact, basil has good benefits for our bodies, so do not ignore the basil leaves just be the fresh vegetables. The first leaves of basil beneficial for people suffering from the problem of bad breath or body odor, basil leaves are consumed directly and routinely bisi prevent and reduce bad breath and body.

And what if you do not like the smell you can also membaut the juice of basil leaves mixed with turmeric and beluntas leaves and drank regularly every day.

Even John Henry M. in his book, “A Dictionary of Practical Medical Materials” saying that the properties of basil leaves or basil leaves juice can to address diarrheal disease, disorders of the vagina, breast pain, to cope with kidney stones and albuminaria.

While based on research conducted by the Center for New Crops and Plant Products, Purdue University, USA, proving that proved efficacious basil powerful resolve complaints flu, diarrhea, headaches, intestinal worms, constipation, to kidney disease.

In addition, the study also proves the benefits of basil leaves to treat flatulence, heartburn, body fatigue, colds, to cope with seizures. The aroma of basil leaves can also be used as an insect repellent.

Of the several explanations had no doubt that it has basil beneficial properties, and we know just basil leaves for vegetables only. Basil is often refined as it contains essential oils of high class where basil aroma will disappear within 24 hours after applied to the body.

Essential oils can make the body more refreshed and ease the pain so it is good to use as a massage oil scent. However, if you are pregnant women not to use this oil because it can cause the risk of miscarriage.

Not only that the health benefits of basil leaves, basil leaves still have benefits for digestive problems, intestinal infections, vomiting, headache, fever, up to gastric inflammation. And if anyone has a complaint ejaculation, basil contains Eugenol and Apigenin fenkhona substances that can help make it easier erections, and substance arginine to prevent infertility.

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