Healthy and Beauty Hair

Like the body, the hair also need food as a source of nutrients that healthy hair. The following foods are considered to be able to provide nutrients for the hair. Of course it is advisable to consume.

12 Food make you hair health and beauty

Healthy and beauty hair

Healthy and beauty

1. Salmon
Loaded with omega-3 are needed to maintain a healthy scalp. Furthermore, salmon also contains vitamin B12 and iron.

2. Greens
Vegetables, especially dark green leafy. Spinach and broccoli are rich in vitamin A and C that the body needs to produce sebum, the body’s natural conditioner.

3. Nuts
Red beans, for example, contains many substances that are useful for hair proteins, especially for growth. Nuts also contain biotin, whose absence can lead to brittle hair.

4. Fowl
If you crave a healthy hair, then eat poultry. Without adequate protein, hair color can be lost.

5. Eggs
Protein, biotin and vitamin B12 are very useful to make your hair look healthy as well as beautiful.

6. Wheat
Either in the form of bread or cereal, oats contain a lot of zinc, iron, and vitamin B which is of course beneficial for healthy hair.

7. Clam
Zinc contained in the shells are useful as antioxidants for hair.

8. Low-fat milk
Skim milk or yogurt (low-fat dairy product samples), contains a lot of calcium which is important in hair growth.

9. Carrots
Contain lots of vitamin A which is important in creating a healthy hair.

10. Bananas and Raisins
Bananas and raisins containing vitamin B6 and iron that can carry oxygen to the scalp and prevents hair damage and hamper growth.

11. Oyster
Oysters are one source of zinc and can be a powerful anti-oxidant for hair that makes your hair stay strong and not easily broken.

12. Snaps
Beans are magic foods that will be eaten more and more healthy our hair. Beans contain a lot of protein, zinc, biotin and iron that make beans into the best food for hair growth.

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