Health Benefits of Niacin

The Benefits of Niacin or Vitamin B3 For Health

Vitamin B3 or Niacin has a wide range of health benefits – such as helping oversee the body improve blood circulation, healthy skin condition and help the performance of the brain and improve memory.

Additionally, Niacin can also be used to aid digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, relieve symptoms of arthritis and schizophrenia condition. The most important benefit of Niacin or Vitamin B3 is to reduce bad blood cholesterol levels and control.

Vitamin B3 or Niacin has a duty to assist the release of energy throughout the body tissues and is essential to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood.  You can get vitamin B3 supplements in a pharmacy nearby, but it would be better if you buy it based on prescription

Vitamin B3 is very often used as an aid in vitamin therapy several diseases in the body. Niacin is also used to treat respiratory disorders and blood vessels, as an excellent food supplement and treat diseases such as pellagra and lovastatin.

Other than as stated above, Niacin still has some benefits, especially for the human body that has been found by the research so far.

Basically, niacin has 3 types of forms of nicotinic acid and niacinamide, Inositol Hexaniacinate used to help people supplement in tablet form. Nicotinic acid helps to reduce high cholesterol levels in the blood and Niacinamide can be found in a variety of supplements.

Efficacy and Benefits of Vitamin Niacin or B3

Some properties of vitamin B3 or Niacin is: 

As part of the vitamin B complex, Vitamin B3 helps the human digestive system to work normally, restore appetite, good response and brighten skin 
Vitamin B3 or Niacin has an important function in changing proteins, carbohydrates and fats into energy needed by our body. 
Niacin intake is quite high at 1100 milligrams or more in a single day, has been shown to lower bad LDL cholesterol levels in the body and increase good HDL cholesterol to prevent thickening of the artery walls. 
Niacin or Vitamin B3 can be found in some foods, namely, meat, turkey, tuna, eggs, assorted poultry, yeast, nuts, peas, potatoes, cheese, brown rice, wheat and milk.
People with a wide variety of muscle disorders, digestive problems, skin irritation or pellagra may lack vitamin B3 in their food, so they need to increase intake nicain to reduce or even eliminate these health problems. 
Mental health
Even some health problems can be cured by giving intake of vitamin B3 or niacin dose-related manner.
At the present time, it is very rare to find people who lack vitamin B3 because modern society has a lot depends on the Niacin to cure a variety of mental health disorders and also on everyone. 
The third form of Niacin have different effects on the human body. Niacinamide is very useful to prevent inflammation. While hexaniacinate Inositol Nicotinic acid and is very influential in our bloodstream.You can consume Vitamin B3 or Niacin along with your daily diet or even with a variety of fluids. 
In some cases, Niacin can be intoxicating if taken in very high doses. So that it would be good step if you consult with your doctor before deciding to take supplements of Vitamin B3 in any form.
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