Health Benefits of Mango Leaves

In addition to its delicious taste, apparently eaten a mango leaf also has medicinal properties that are useful to overcome various diseases.

Mango tree or scientific name Mangifera indica L is thought to originate from the Indian subcontinent and then spread to many countries, especially tropical areas. If your mango tree does not bear fruit because of the uncertain seasons do not cut down because the leaves can be used for cheap drugs.

Based on scientific research in the young mango leaves are antimicrobial and antioxidant substances that can prevent cancer. Active compounds in the leaves of mango called anthocyanidins. You can use mango leaves as a remedy in the form of tea that can be mixed with sugar or honey.
Following the treatment with mango leaves:

Mango leaf herb for Gout:
Enter young mango leaves in a glass of hot water add up to one cup. wait until the color changes to brown, then add a little white sugar. then drink the infusion of young mango leaves in the morning and evening.

Mango leaf herb for Diabetes
Soak a few mango leaves in a glass of water overnight. After the morning drink the water until they run out.

Mango leaf herb for varicose veins
Drink 1 cup every day with 2 tablespoons of mango leaf tea can strengthen fragile blood vessels and curing varicose veins on your legs.

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