Health Benefits of Chlorella

The Benefits of Chlorella for Body Detox

Chlorella comes from the Latin Chlor: green and Ella: small objects.
the benefits of Chlorella

Detox with Chlorella benefits

Chlorella classified as single-celled green algae live in fresh water. Chlorella is very small with a diameter of 3-8 micrometers. Chlorella is shaped like a ball.
With the help of sun chlorella is able to divide itself into four cells every 20-24 hours. This species is the king of Chlorella pyrenoidosa, because the content of CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) which is the highest among its other species.
Chlorella green algae mainly of species Chlorella vulgaris have been cultivated and processed with high technology a source of food of high nutritional value. 
Chlorella has been processed for sale as a food supplement in the form of powder, tablets, or capsules. Chlorella contains chlorophyll reach 2-3% by weight. Chlorella also contains 55-60% protein content, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 
Chlorophyll and nutrients that play a role in Chlorella is beneficial for health if consumed. Chlorella existing commercial products in combination with other types of algae, such as Spirulina (blue-green algae), Chlorella health benefits by increasing endurance, lowering high blood pressure, improve digestion, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to the intestines, constipation overcome, prevent stomach ulcers, and prevent tumors.
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