Health Benefits of Avoiding Junk Food

The Benefits of Avoiding Junk Food

Avoid junk food benefits

Health Heart by Avoiding Junk Food

Although already a lot of information about the harmful effects of junk food or fast food, fast food but this still has a lot of fans. Junk food is coming from western countries, but eat junk food were more commonly found in other regions such as Asia.
There are many health benefits that can be obtained by avoiding Junk Food, based on the results of research, both west and east of the country, proving that junk food gives more negative effects than positive. What are the health benefits of avoiding junk food? The following refer to his review.

Benefits of avoiding Junk Food

1. Avoid the risk of heart diseaseA study by the University of Minnesota School of Public Health, examines the harmful effects of junk food. The research was conducted over 10 years involving more than 60,000 Singaporeans of Chinese descent. Participants aged between 45-74 years. During the 10 year study period, showed 1,397 participants died from heart disease and 2,252 had type 2 diabetes.
This study came to the conclusion that eating fast food two or more times a week had a 27 percent greater likelihood of developing diabetes and 56 percent die from heart disease, compared with participants who rarely or never eat fast food. Even the 811 participants who were known to eat fast food four times or more per week, the risk of death from heart attacks increased by 80 percent.
2. Potential lowering colorectal cancer strickenColorectal cancer or cancer that attacks the organs of the colon and rectum, mostly strikes people over the age of 50 years. However, in Indonesia known to some patients under age 50 is also suffering from cancer. Proliferation of fast food restaurants or fast food blamed for the high colorectal cancer patients in Indonesia.

DR. dr. Noorwati Sutandyo, Sp.PD, KHOM advised to prevent colorectal cancer early. This can be arranged by eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, fish and plenty of exercise. Additionally as early as possible to reduce or not to eat fast food at all. Colorectal cancer is a cancer that can be prevented and treated if it is still in the lower stages.
3. Making higher child IQ Research from the University of Adelaide shows that a diet full of junk food in small age, IQ child will make two points lower than children who do not eat much junk food as a child.
Although his IQ difference is not so obvious, this study proves that the diet of children aged 6 to 24 months giving a small but significant effect on IQ at the age reaches 8 years. It is therefore important for parents to consider the long-term impact of food given to children.
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