Health Benefits of Ant Nest

Actual ant nests are epiphytic plants are used as a nest of ants, so it was not made ​​by ants. Adaptation to life by attaching to other plants in the form of an empty hole sectional, make what we call the ant nest.
Benefits ant nests are very good for people with high blood pressure (stroke), high fever liver, lungs, tuberculosis (excessive coughing), cholesterol, heart (chest tightness), diabetes mellitus, restore stamina and virility male, back pain, sprains (one veins, tingling or aches, pains in the back (behind the head), tingling in the arms or other body, as well as for those who are smoking or drinking habits, etc.
Ant nest are very good to consume, Due ants nest in the body will throw everything at once neutralize toxins.

Top 11 Health Benefits of Ant Nest

1. Cancer and Tumors
The types of cancer and tumors, both benign and malignant, which can be cured with the ant nest is brain cancer, nasal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, and cancer blood (leukemia), except for cancers of the throat and oral cavity. Ants Nest ability empirically for the treatment of various types of cancer / tumor is allegedly related to the content of flavonoids.

There are several mechanisms of flavonoid in combating tumors / cancer, such as inactivation of carcinogens, anti-proliferation, inhibition of cell cycle, induction of apoptosis and differentiation, angiogenesis inhibition, and reversal of multi-drug resistance or a combination of these mechanisms.

2. Cardiac disorders, especially coronary heart
Until now, the mechanism is not yet clear, but the ability of ant nests for the treatment of various diseases / disorders of heart had something to do with a multi-mineral content of ant nests, particularly calcium and potassium.

3. Nor Light Stroke Weight
Treatment of stroke is related to the possibility of a multi-mineral content contained in ant nests.

4. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
As a natural remedy for high blood pressure, ant nests contain flavonoids that prevent blood clots so for those who are taking this herbal remedy on a regular basis, then high blood pressure can be avoided.

This is because hypertension emerge if the blood clots and protect ants nest you have to keep the blood thin. Flavonoids addition, ant nests also have Tocopherol compounds proven to thin the blood so that blood clots and high blood pressure can be overcome.

5. Diabetes Mellitus
Many users report the ants nest their health condition improved after consuming this herb regularly, some are not even reported using insulin again. Ability of ant nests in the adjuvant treatment of diabetes is suspected because of the ability of this herb to restore the function of organs, particularly the pancreas, so it can produce enough of the hormone insulin, so blood sugar can be processed into a substance that is easily absorbed by the body.

6. Piles (Hemorrhoids)
Ants Nest ability to cure piles (hemorrhoids) associated with the flavonoid and high tanin. The second class of compounds in several studies it has been proven to treat hemorrhoids.

7. Migraine (headaches)
For the treatment of migraine associated with flavonoid functions and multi-minerals in ant nests, particularly calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

8. Lung (TBC)
Treatment of tuberculosis associated with the role of flavonoids contained in the ant nest that serves as an anti-virus.

9. Rheumatism (Gout)
This is related to the ability of flavonoids as inhibitors of xanthine oxidase and antioxidant enzymes, and tocopherol as an antioxidant and multi-minerals contained in the ant nest.

10. Ulcer pain (Stomach)
Like tuberculosis, which play a role in the treatment of ulcers is a flavonoid contained in the ant nest as an anti-bacterial.
11. Improving Breastfeeding
Multi-mineral content of ant nests of plants thought to have an important role in launching and increase milk production, maternal health accelerate the recovery process after childbirth, and recover femininity organ.
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