Global cancer sufferers to achieve 14 million

The number of people diagnosed with cancer around the world increased to over 14 million, said the World Health Organization WHO.

Data for 2012 shows in the past four years since 2008, cancer patients increased by almost 1 million.

During this period the number of patients who died due to cancer are also good from 7.6 million to 8.2 million.

The rise in cancer patients is caused by changes in the lifestyle of people in developing countries.

The number of smokers rose likewise with people who have excess weight.

Of the 14 million cancer survivors around the world, of which 1.8 million (or approximately 13%) lung cancer is usually caused by the habit of smoking.

The WHO also announced a sharp increase in patients with breast cancer, which is now known as the most most types of cancer found among women in 140 countries.

Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in developing countries,” said Dr. David Forman, officers WHO are active in the International Agency for cancer.

“There are two reasons, the first lifestyle changes and both advances in technology has not been fully implemented to tackle cancer in those countries,” he said.

WHO estimates the number of cancer patients will rise to 19 million people in 2025.
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