Ginseng – Benefits & Threats to body

History of Ginseng

Threats Ginseng for body
Ginseng Healthy Benefits
Ginseng is a root crop that can be trusted to overcome various health problems. Some say if ginseng may lower high blood pressure and raise low blood pressure. How to eat itself can be made in various ways. There are in the packaging of tea, herbs, tonics, royal jelly, and so on. Ginseng is beneficial because it contains such bioactive saponins, physterols, peptides, polysaccharides, fatty acids, polycetylenes, minerals, and vitamins.

Ginseng (Panax) efficacious as a medicine belonging to the tribe Araliaceae. Panax is grown in the Northern Hemisphere, especially in Siberia, Manchuria, Korea, and the United States. Type tropical Panax can be found in Vietnam, namely Panax vietnamensis. The name “ginseng” itself is taken from the English, which is read following the Cantonese language pronunciation, jen shen. Or in Mandarin read ren cents which means duplicate humans) because of the root does look like a human.
The root of this plant has long been a traditional remedy for being able to improve the flow and increase the production of red blood cells and helps recovery from illness. In Indonesia there is also similar to that of ginseng plants som Java or Java. Its roots are mixed with different types of drugs and, most famously in the form of mixed wine.

Meanwhile, those Shinsen Panax or Korean ginseng. Panax Korean people call this as Insam and grows in mountain forests. Due to growing in the forest, those Sansam ginseng or ginseng mountain. Panax Such communities often cultivated. Usually planted in the fertile soil on climate supports.

Local people believe that there is a god Sansam mountain called Sansin. No wonder they are digging ginseng, they will perform the ritual prayers first. The words and actions were guarded. Meanwhile, if they’ve found Sansam, usually they will say, “sim bwatda” which atinya “I’ve found (Sansam). No wonder Sansam regarded as a cure, and then cultivated and used as a tonic, groceries, health drinks, and so on.
History of Ginseng
Referring to historical records, in the days of imperial China, Han Dynasty (206-220 AD), ginseng is more valuable than gold. The root of ginseng is believed to have supernatural powers that bring health, longevity and fertility. No wonder then, only the nobles who has it. If there are ordinary people who were caught taking ginseng, sometimes they were sentenced to death.
For thousands of years, its use became a sort of tradition in health care in China. This herb went into the western world and plays an important role as a powerful drug. Ginseng tonic usually made to stretch and refresh body’s natural healing system. No wonder until now, Panax is appreciated worldwide for its ability to very efficacious in maintaining health.
Practitioners of traditional Chinese herb is honoring true importance of supporting human health. So, how health care in China and other countries, care must connect the body, mind, and soul. When it refers to the aspect of overall health. It is powered by a reliable Panax be distanced from the disease. This is because Panax has adaptogenic or recovery of energy and natural resources.
Use of Panax by health can help physical endurance, mental, and emotional. Adaptogen Panax also supports the immune / endurance. This natural balancing process was finally making healthy humans will always healthy.
Some of the benefits of Panax can be explained as follows:

Top 17 Benefits of Ginseng / Panax

  1. Reducing depression because these plants can increase mental alertness, relieve fatigue, and has antidepressant. This means that when a person experiences excessive stress, the adrenal hormone appears to cause health problems.
  2. Can stimulate the immune system and nervous because ginseng can boost immunity. Ginseng is believed to enhance the quality of life because it has nature adaptogenic which helps stimulate the young.
  3. Help overcome the flu and other infectious diseases.
  4. To treat diabetes because blood sugar levels can drop dramatically. But do not ever take ginseng with other kaena anti diabetes drugs can make blood sugar is too low actually. Instead, ask for a referral from a doctor.
  5. Can prevent the development of cancer cells. Because ginseng can inhibit cell cycle progression so slow cancer growth.
  6. Lowering cholesterol levels. Scientists unbelievers that ginsenocides contained in ginseng can lower cholesterol levels in the body.
  7. Can reduce fatigue due adaptogenic role in ginseng can provide physiological changes so that they can manage fatigue due to the density of the move.
  8. Can increase vitality. Quality ginseng increases the stamina and makes ginseng a stimulant tonic kind of good.
  9. Helps reduce chest pain due to colds.
  10. Increase the body’s energy and cognitive ability.
  11. Stimulates the production of biochemical and help reduce stress.
  12. Can help increase male virility and vitality. 
  13. Can increase levels of testosterone and produce more sperm
  14. Can improve lung function and help reduce the effects of chronic lung disease.
  15. Can cure ulcers.
  16. Reducing the effects of Crohn’s disease.
  17. Can treat problems of menopause and infertility.

Dangers Ginseng- Threats ginseng on body

Consume should ginseng with caution because it is not advised pregnant and nursing mothers consumed. Merely to avoid contraindications. Ginseng also can affect reaction of drugs such as blood thinners just like warfarin, aspirin or diuretics. The tomb, ginseng should not be eating at the same time if you are also taking medicines for hypertension or other diseases.
Meanwhile, in 2008, had also found the victim because they consume ginseng. Three people died in China after injected with extracts of Siberian ginseng. The death was announced from Chinese health ministry site and said that the incident occurred in Yunnan province after the patient received the injection.
It is said that there are more than ten thousand babies who were admitted to the hospital and get special treatment because of the baby’s kidneys are damaged. This is because the melanin in the contaminated baby formula.
Materials produced by the injection of ginseng Wandashan phamaceutical companies Hejlongjiang Province, China. Siberian ginseng is often used in love to treat heart disease and blockage of blood killer. Patients suffering from a serious illness suffered chills, nausea, and blood pressure dropped dramatically after the injection is given in the Hospital Number Four People in Honghe district. They coma within a few weeks later the three of them eventually died.
Food and Drug Administration stated that the herbal extract called ciwujia considered to be the cause of death. This after-party marketing company to stop selling any herbal injection for examination. According to the manufacturer, herbal injection was indeed an innovation. But have never found any malpractice until casualties.
The pharmaceutical industry in China is profitable, just less good procedures and regulations. Hopefully the case can make us wary of the drugs we consume or always alert to the care of “new model”.
However, the benefits of ginseng have different roles for each person. Although , the herb ginseng can meet various needs of the health of many people according to the conditions the person concerned. So in addition to taking this elixir, surely we should be accustomed to maintain the physical condition, exercise diligently and always think positive.
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