Garlic Prevent Lung Cancer

Benefits of garlic did not just add a delicious aroma of cooking . Garlic also reduces the risk of lung cancer .Studies conducted in China found , the usual adult eating raw garlic twice a week , the risk of lung cancer 44 percent lower . Even when factors included in the lifestyle of smoking , lung cancer risk fell 30 percent .Research conducted by a team of Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention . The researchers compared the health of 1,424 lung cancer patients with 4,500 healthy adults .Researchers asked lifestyle and eating habits of the respondents . Including how often consume garlic and whether the respondent smoked . The results of this study published in the journal Cancer Prevention Research .Previous research also stated , garlic can protect the lung against a variety of conditions . One of these conditions such as colon cancer tumors .It is unclear whether cooked garlic has the same effect . However , previous research stating anticancer chemical compounds in garlic , allicin , garlic cloves can unravel when cut off .Allicin also serves to reduce inflammation and act as a so mngurangi antioxidant free radical damage to body cells . Another benefit of garlic is fending drug resistant bacteria and malaria .

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