Functions and Benefits of Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate Benefits and Functions for Healthy

Do you know what a carbohydrate is? And what benefits of carbohydrate to the human body? check out the here.

Carbohydrates composed of monosaccharide-Monosaccharides bonded molecules that eventually formed with considerable weights. Monosaccharides are generally formed by the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Sometimes, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur, present in the bonds of a monosaccharide.

Carbohydrates are generally contained in the staple food of man. For example, the staple food of Indonesia is rice, corn, and sago. These three types of these foods contain carbohydrates. Tubers are recorded to have myriad sources of carbohydrates. Tubers such as cassava, taro, and breadfruit, wild Yam root, believed to be the source of carbohydrates an alternative other than rice.

Dr Tan Yen Shot exposing the avocados can also be a source of carbohydrates an alternative. In addition to the carbs, avocado contains unsaturated fat, potassium and antioxidant substances. In the case of food insecurity, a carbohydrate food diversification is very important. This is an attempt to prevent a single carbohydrate source dependency, such as rice and corn.

The Benefits of Carbohydrates

Carbohydrate functions primarily as a source of energy in the body. Carbohydrates serve as the main engine fuel metabolism. Glucose is instrumental in the process of metabolism so that energy can be generated. That energy is eventually used for the activity of the living thing. 1 gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories of energy content.

In addition, carbohydrates are instrumental in maintaining food reserves of living beings. The backup can be used by humans as a food source. The potato store food reserves in the form of tubers. Supplementary feeding on these human potatoes can be utilized for their energy needs.

Carbohydrates can also function as a shaper of living beings. The cell wall is one of the most important parts of the cell. Cell wall serves as guardians of cells cell wall-forming Components. Is the cellulose that is one form of carbohydrates? In addition, carbohydrates can be found in the framework-a framework outside of the insect.
The Role of Carbohydrates

Every element of the compound in this world always has a role and function that is able to transform a structure in the body chemistry of living things; including carbohydrates that also has the role of each in terms of the process of providing food for living.

All living things, especially human, rely heavily on the autotroph organisms resulting from a variety of green plants, bacteria, and other photosynthetic plants to obtain a food reserve.

It is due at the time of the process of photosynthesis takes place; compound carbon dioxide is converted into carbohydrates which are used to synthesize organic matter. Carbohydrates are produced from this process is a carbonated sugar is the base material of other compounds are also used by autotroph organisms directly.

In this case, the carbs are very instrumental in the biosphere to maintain the viability of all the creatures on this earth.

Meanwhile, in particular human life, carbohydrates have a role to provide energy a reserve which is a primary requirement is needed by all living things, especially human. Monosaccharides are contained in carbohydrates are the nutrients which flow main cell glucose in the body and function to other organic molecule synthesis process.

As the indispensable nutrients by humans, the compound of carbohydrates has 4 calories in each value in grams so it needs an amount commensurate to offset the physical activity that is performed by human beings.

However, because every human being has a different power of the gastrointestinal tract to every kind of food that comes in, humans would need to offset nutrient intake carbohydrate agar entering can digest according to the needs the nutrients needed by the body. One of them is with the fiber consume so that the power could carbs as lowered and the rest of the food contained in it can be removed along with the stool.

The role of carbohydrates as an energy source also serves to keep the acid balance in the body so that the base expedited the metabolic processes in the body and functioning also form the structure of the cells in the binding of fat and protein. Meanwhile, the polysaccharide contained in it is capable of becoming a backup energy source to be hydrolyzed as sugars supplies when necessary.

In contrast to the structure of the human body, animals save the polysaccharides in him especially in the muscle and liver cells. Polysaccharides compounds on animals called glycogen.

Functions and Benefits of Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates have the functions and benefits that are not replaced by other food substances. Functions and benefits of carbohydrates include:

1. As a source of energy or calories
The primary function of carbohydrates is as a source of energy or calories. Although the number of calories produced by 1 gram of carbohydrate only 4 calories and still lose a lot of calories produced by the fat and protein, but because carbohydrates are easily obtained, stock many and relatively inexpensive, the carbohydrates become the main food substance that serves as an energy source. Besides, some classes of carbohydrate containing roughage (dietary fiber), which is useful in the conduct of the digestive system.

2. Prevent ketosis process
Carbohydrates serve to prevent ketosis process. Ketosis is the process of protein breakdown that can produce energy or calories. If energy requirements are not fulfilled, then the body will react to synthesize proteins to meet energy needs. The process of ketosis in the body will cause imbalance in the body where the body is called the primary function of protein malnutrition as builder substances and replacement / repair of body cells will be disrupted.

3. Giving a sense of Satiety

4. Regulates fat metabolism

5. Strengthening the sweet taste in food

6. Forming and protective Tue, etc.

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