Forget sunscreens, broccoli also effective prevent skin cancer!

Before going outdoor activities, most people use sunscreen to keep your skin does not sunburn. But according to researchers, eating broccoli may provide similar efficacy with sunscreen.

When applied to the skin, broccoli can reduce the risk of skin cancer, according to researchers from the

” Broccoli has a compound called sulforaphane is effective in preventing skin cancer, ” said Dr. Sally Dickinson, as quoted by the Daily Mail.

This compound is also reportedly capable of triggering the growth of certain genes that protect healthy tissue from cancer chemotherapy drug. Because chemotherapy drugs typically not only attack cancer cells, but also healthy tissue in the body.

Excessive sun exposure is one of the causes of skin cancer. So experts recommend that we use sunscreen when going out of the house, even though we have a dark skin color.

However, these studies eventually find other alternatives to protect the skin from burning up cancerous conditions, ie with broccoli.
University of Arizona Cancer Center and Johns Hopkins University.

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