Fasting Slowing Aging

According to Dr. Siti Setiati, SpPD, a specialist in diseases of the Division of Geriatrics Department of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, University of Indoenesia (Faculty ), with fasting, food calorie count will be reduced.

“Restricting the number of calories of food is one way that has been shown to slow aging and prevent diseases that commonly arise in the elderly and cancer, ” he said, Wednesday ( 27/7/2011 ) in Jakarta.

When fasting, generally there will be a reduction in the amount of calories diasup up 10-40 percent of daily needs. Results of animal studies indicate, by reducing the amount of calories, it can prolong life expectancy, lower the risk of cancer, as well as prevent the development of diseases, such as diabetes and kidney.

” Human studies also exist. Result, reduced body fat composition, improved blood pressure, cholesterol down, reduced risk of diabetes, and can slow the aging process, ” he said.

Siti said, various studies and literature it has proven the benefits of fasting for health. However, one certainly would not directly feel the usefulness if only the fasting month. ” It’s certainly not the fast that only one month alone, but must be constantly carried out in the following months, ” he said.

Benefits restriction ( restriction ) of calories, said Siti, also affect heart health. Calorie restriction is believed to be a stronger heart pumping and make a person not easily tired after doing the activity or sport.

Meanwhile, Dr. Dr. Ari Fahrial, SpPD, digestive health expert from Cipto Mangungkusumo, say, run fast process that is ideally not a “revenge “, ie avenge or eat at will outside hours of fasting. Therefore, in the process of fasting, basically had no weight loss.

According to Ari, fasting can be termed as the concept of alternate day fasting, where in a day and a half meal, half- fasting. The goal there is a reduction in caloric intake. ” Usually the weight loss of about 5 percent, ” he said.

Ari asserts, if a person experience weight loss, will be followed by a reduction in calories, cholesterol, fat, free radicals, and increased antioxidant. When fasting, it’s good to eat vegetables and fruits that contain lots of antioxidants.

Because, with plenty of vegetables and fruits, are actually in the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and there has been a reduction of sugar by the fibers.

“In principle, if we fast, the body still produces sugar and fat is destroyed. Destroyed with fat, automated piles that do not need to be reduced. Effect of weight loss, ” he said.

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