Fairy Tale Benefits for Child psychological and emotional intelligence

Story Tale Benefits for child’s psychological development and emotional intelligence

Word storytelling certainly no stranger to us. But the existence of this storytelling activity tends to fade as eaten by age. Though there are many benefits for our children if they get a fairy tale. 
We need to know that the children’s fairy tale is very useful though in practice we have a lot of obstacles such as feeling tired after work and storytelling for children considered to be very troublesome. Though the benefits of a fairy tale for children is a lot like glue relationship with the child’s parents and storytelling can also help optimize the child’s psychological development and emotional intelligence. 

There are still other benefits of fairy tale that will be described below :

Developing Children’s Imagination Power
We need to know that a child’s world is a world of imagination. So the child has his own world and not infrequently they talk premises imaginary friend. With imagination, this is still very good, then we as parents should be able to direct it towards a positive and in control. With children’s tales then this is the best way to steer them towards good.
Improve skills in speaking
Tale is that early stimulation can stimulate language skills in children. We need to know that the fairy tales children are able to stimulate the children especially girls to improve their language skills. This is because girls are more focus and concentration than boys. 
Verbal ability is the ability of the ones the kids and this is why they are the right brain is more developed and is also why they are more skilled in speaking. Fairy tales that contain positive stories about the behavior and so on make the kids become easier to absorb the polite speech.
Generating Children Read Interest
If you want to have a child who has an interest in reading good, then storytelling is the path to that result. By giving children a fairy tale, then the children will be interested and curious makes them want to find out. This is where the desire to read to be increasing. With an interesting read stories to children is the easiest way that we can do.
Building a Children’s Emotional Intelligence
Tell stories to children can raise their emotional intelligence and also a great tool that is able to glue the relationship of mother and child. Just as we know that children have difficulty in learning moral values ​​in life. With children’s tales so we can give child an example through the characters in the stories we tell. 
Children’s tales will help children absorb emotional values ​​on others. It is undeniable that emotional intelligence is also important in addition to cognitive intelligence. Emotional intelligence is crucial for their future social life.
Children form a Sense of Empathy
Stimulation through fairy tales children, sensitivity in children 3-7 years of age will be stimulated on social situation around them. With this method of fairy tales for children, they will learn to empathize with the surrounding environment. Stimulation to be more successful is to stimulate the senses of hearing. 
Important that we provide this stimulation to give them better equipped for the future. With the fairy tales that educate, then the child will easily absorb the positive values ​​that will make them children who empathize with others.
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