Eating strawberries, tasty way lower cholesterol

Strawberry fruit is one of the most easily processed into various foods. In addition to having good taste, the fruit turns out to have many benefits to enhance your body’s health. One of them is capable of lowering cholesterol.

A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry showed that people who regularly eat strawberries for a month, cholesterol levels in the body decline.

” A high content of antioxidants such as vitamin C in it is able to absorb free radicals in the body. Additionally vegetable pigments in it that anthocyanins are meritorious to give the red color in strawberries are also able to keep you from cardiovascular disease, one of which is cholesterol, “said Maurizio Battino, one of the researchers.

The team also confirmed that the strawberries will strengthen red blood cells and increases oxygen in the blood. Even another study published in the journal Food Chemistry, shows that eating strawberries regularly will improve the health of erythrocytes and mononuclear cells.

One cup ( 144 g ) of strawberries contains approximately 45 calories ( 188 kJ ) and is a source of vitamin C and flavonoids are goodBesides consumed fresh , strawberries can be frozen , and dried and used in such things as cereal bars . Strawberries are a popular addition to dairy products , such as strawberry-flavored ice cream , milkshakes , smoothies , and yogurt . Strawberries and Cream is a popular food , famous consumed at Wimbledon . Strawberry pie is also popular . Strawberries can be dipped in melted chocolate fondue as a healthier way to enjoy chocolate .Strawberry pigment extract can be used as a natural acid / base indicator due to the different color of the conjugate acid and conjugate base of the pigment .Strawberry Nutrition – StrawberriesOne cup ( 144 g ) of strawberries contains approximately 45 calories ( 188 kJ ) and is an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids .Units Category 1 cup ( 144 g )Water 132 gEnergy 43 kcalEnergy 181 Kjin gramsprotein 0.88Total lipid ( fat ) 0.53Carbohydrate , by difference 10.1Fiber , total dietary 3.3Ash 0.62in milligramsMinerals Calcium 20 mgiron 0.5514 Magnesium27 Phosphoruspotassium 240sodium 1.44zinc 0.19copper 0.07manganese 0.42in microgramsselenium 1.01Vitamin Vitamin C , ascorbic acid 82 mg0.03 mg thiaminRiboflavin 0.1 mgNiacin 0.33 mgPantothenic acid 0.49 mgVitamin B – 6 0.09 mgFolate 25 mgVitamin B – 12 mg 0Vitamin A , 39 IUin gramsLipid fatty acids , 0.03 g saturated16:0 à0.0218:0 à0.006Fatty acids , monounsaturated 0.07516:1 à0.00118:1 à0.073Fatty acids , polyunsaturated 0.2718:2 12:1618:3 12:11in milligramscholesterol 0phytosterols 17Amino acids ( in grams )Tryptophan 0.01 gthreonine 0,027isoleucine 0.02leucine 0,045lysine 0.036methionine 0.001cystine 0.0070.026 phenylalaninetyrosine 0,030valine 0.026arginine 0,037histidine 0,0170,045 alanineAspartic acid 0.20Glutamic acid 0.13Glycine 0,035proline 0,027Serin 0,033

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