Eating Cabbage beneficial Increase Female Fertility

Many couples wait for a baby. One way that can be done is to increase fertility in a natural way. In this case, this vegetables can help you.

The taste is slightly bitter vegetable, looks like a cabbage or cabbage, but is smaller and petite. Although somewhat bitter, a recent study shows that Brussels sprouts, cabbage or Brussels also known as baby cabbage can increase a woman’s fertility and male fertility, reported by, Wednesday ( 4/12 ).

“Believe it or not, a small green cabbage is a super food that can bring the baby, ” said Neema Savvides, a nutritional therapist in Harley Street Fertility Clinic. ” Vegetables are rich in folic acid which is essential to improving fertility, both men and women, ” he continued.

Still based on the exposure of the therapist, the other benefits of Brussels sprouts is to prevent or reduce the risk of miscarriage and birth smallpox. Brussels sprouts also contain phytonutrients that can help women maintain hormonal balance estrogen. These vegetables can also prevent inflammation inside the body.

If you are planning a pregnancy, there is no harm in eating vegetables is to increase fertility.

    The Benefits Of Cabbage
    Cabbage or cabbage is usually refer to the kind of vegetables in the

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