Drink Lots of Sweetened Increase Risk of Cervical Cancer

Excessive consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is proven to damage the brain. Most recently, researchers claim that sugar-sweetened beverages consumed in excess can increase the risk of uterine cancer in women.

Researchers say those who drink soda with a maximum of 78 percent greater risk for the deadly disease, than those who do not drink much soda.

These findings confirmed the researchers observed 25,000 women aged between 50-60 years who developed endometrial cancer or uterine cancer for 14 years. Each participant provided data detailing what they ate and drank, and half of them admitted often consume soft drinks.

Approximately 600 participants at last reported uterine cancer. Even so a team of researchers from the University of Minnesota is not to ascertain if women who consume lots of sugar-sweetened beverages certainly have some unhealthy habits.

It’s just that investigators believe the sugar content in soft drinks is the key that makes a woman experiencing weight gain. Though fat cells that many women have obesity that trigger the production of estrogen, a hormone thought to cause cancer of the uterus. As reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday.

Moreover obese women tend to have more insulin in the body. This hormone is also often associated with the risk of uterine cancer.

“It’s been a lot of research that documents the artificial sweetened drinks contribute to the obesity epidemic. Because too much sugar is proven to improve a person’s caloric intake, including raising the risk of health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, ” said researcher Dr. Maki Inoue – Choi.

To maintain health, drinking sugar-sweetened beverages are not prohibited, but in reasonable quantities aka not most. For everything that excessive effect is not good. In addition to moving the alias habit also exercise regularly.

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