Dragonfruit benefits : Treatment for HIV AIDS

Dragon fruit healthy Benefits
Benefits of Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) is a native fruit of Central America and grows in areas with tropical climates, subtropical, arid to temperate regions. The benefits of dragon fruit has been known throughout the world.This fruit is an excellent antioxidant that can protect the body from free radicals and cancer. The fruit has a taste somewhat bland. Efficacy of dragon fruit is for the body to neutralize the toxins, and also bind heavy metals.A high content of vitamin C in dragon fruit benefits dragon fruit made very useful to boost immunity to help heal wounds / bruises. The content of vitamin B2 and B1 in dragon fruit is very good for increasing metabolism and restore appetite. Plus, dragon fruit also contains vitamin B3 which serves to lower cholesterol levels. Not yet finished, dragon fruit also has benefits to cure cough and asthma to treat high blood pressure. 

Benefits of Dragon fruit
Images of Dragon fruit

Moreover, dragon fruits contain not only vitamins, but also phosphorus and calcium can make bones stronger and healthier teeth. We can conclude that the dragon fruit is excellent for those who want to lose weight and blood sugar levels. Red Dragon Fruit – Benefits The benefits of red dragon fruit known to be effective for lowering blood glucose levels. 

Red dragon fruit is a fruit that is high in fiber that can help the process of digestion and also helps to reduce fat in the body.Red dragon fruit also serves to keep your eyes healthy as red dragon fruit also contains carotene. 

Efficacy of red dragon fruit next is to prevent and treat heart disease, cancer, to help lower blood pressure. This is because the dragon fruit contains lycopene. Red dragon fruit also serves to help the formation of a network because this fruit contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, C, calcium, protein and phosphorus. 

To obtain the benefits of dragon fruit is the maximum, you can make it into juice and drink it regularly. Each cup of dragon fruit contains approximately 100kkal. But if you do not have time to process into juice, then you can take it directly to obtain benefits.

Other benefits of Dragon fruit :

Dragon fruit has beneficial properties for human health of them as blood sugar balance, also oral health protection, preventive colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, prevention of bleeding and treating complaints of vaginal discharge and help the patients of the HIV / AIDS to heal.

In general, experts agree and acknowledge dragon fruit is rich in potassium, iron, protein, fiber, sodium and calcium are good for health compared to other fruits are imported.

According to AL Leong from Johncola Pitaya Food R & D, an organization that examines the red dragon fruit, honey cactus fruit is quite rich in various vitamins and minerals that really help to improve endurance and beneficial for metabolism in the human body.


The Benefits of Dragon fruit – Treatment for HIV AIDS

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      ronilda teh6 years ago

      Since i started eating dragon fruit, the unwated veins appearing on my thgihs and legs started to disappear. also, i noticed that my skin keeps glowing, i am 60 years old but "to see is to believe"THANKS BE TO GOD FOR HIS MYSTERIOUS WAYS!

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      Andy Ramirez6 years ago

      There are a number of common flu-like symptoms that appear two to four weeks after contracting HIV. Among these symptoms are night sweats, fever, swollen glands, headache, joint aches, muscle aches, sore throat, and more.

      Obviously, these symptoms are common with scores of other illnesses as well. Education is still the weapon against HIV.
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