Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer

The general method of diagnosis of cervical cancer

1.Blade cytologic examination of the cervix ( cervical smear )

Is the primary method for the detection of cervical cancer precursor lesions and early -stage cervical cancer . But have to be careful with the position of the captured material and careful microscopic examination , the false negative rate of 5% ~ could l0 % , therefore , should be combined with clinical conditions and conduct periodic checks as a method for screening .

tes Serviks or normal squamous epithelium vaginal rich in glycogen , which can be given a brown color after iodine liquid , while the columnar epithelium of the cervix , cervical erosion , and abnormal squamous epithelium ( including squamous metaplasia , dysplasia , carcinoma in situ and invasive carcinoma area ) no glycogen , then colorless . In clinical cervical exposed by vaginal speculum , after wiping mucus surface , applying a solution of iodine , into the cervix and fornix , if found any abnormal areas of iodine – negative , can do a biopsy and pathologic examination for this area .

3.Biopsi cervix and cervical canal
Cervical Pap smear in more than Class Ⅲ ~ Ⅳ , but if negative cervical biopsy , at the intersection of column squamous cervical at point 6 , 9 , 12 and 3 : take a biopsy or four points on the test colorless iodine areas and sites suspected cancer , took some tissue and excisional biopsy or curettage small application endocervical scrapings were sent for pathological examination .

Colposcopy can not directly diagnose carcinoid tumors , but it can help choose the location of the biopsy to perform a biopsy of the cervix . According to statistics , with the help of colposcopy biopsy , diagnostic accuracy for early cervical cancer can be achieved around 98 % . However , colposcopy is not a substitute for a Pap smear and biopsy , also can not find lesions in the canal cancer serviks.Ahli Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou reminder : cervical cancer diagnosis can help people for the detection of cervical cancer in a timely manner , to avoid delays in cancer treatment cervix .

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