Depression Symptoms which Often Needless Realize

There are times when life enters the hard times that have an impact on a person’s thoughts and feelings. However life must go on, people need to rise up and end the grief he felt. If not, maybe someone already showing early signs of depression. As expressed by a study from the Netherlands and the United States recently.

The researchers say, someone said a long time to recover from the negative emotions when experiencing a bad mood 10 times in five days. And when that happens, a person who may have experienced it can be said to have symptoms of depression.

Chris Schneck, director of medicine at the University of Colorado Depression Center said, rising from negative emotions more severe in people who are depressed. This is because the sleep disorder also affects mood, energy, motivation, and cognition them. The things that are prolonging the time of their resurrection.

So, how do you know if you experience signs of depression? According to David Hellerstein, director of the Mood Disorder Research Program at Columbia University, people who are in the state of depression usually have trouble sleeping, difficulty completing tasks, avoiding social interaction, fatigue, and physical symptoms such as headaches and back pain.

Meanwhile, according to a new study from the University of Michigan, the negative emotions associated with depression are not always sadness. The researchers reported that negative emotions such as anger can also be high, treatment of abuse, and risk taking.

However, depression is a condition that can be cured. Antidepressant drugs is usually an option when experiencing it. But depression can actually be overcome by exercise.

A study from the University of Toronto revealed that although only performed for half an hour per day, the sport has been able to help reduce the symptoms of depression. In addition, reducing caffeine and alcohol are also known to have the benefit of overcoming depression.

” Not only that, depression can also be overcome by revealing the secret to the friends and family members, ” said Hellerstein.

He suggested to target the impact of these changes in a few weeks, not months. If there is no improvement, then you should ask the person needs professional help from a doctor.

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