Dealing With Fibroadenoma

Fibroadenoma DEFINITION

Fibroadenoma is a solid lump is small and benign breast that consist of glandular and fibrous tissue . These lumps are usually found in young women , often found in adolescent girls .

Fibroadenoma CAUSE

The cause is not clear known .


Bumps easily moved , its clear and can be felt on BSE ( Breast Self Examination ) . Palpable rubbery because it contains collagen ( protein fibers yan gkuat found in cartilage , tendons and skin ) .

BSE ( Breast Self Examination )

1 . Standing in front of a mirror , look at the breast . Under normal circumstances , the size of the left and right breast is slightly different . Note the change in the difference in size between left and right breast and nipple changes ( eg interested in ) or discharge from the nipple . Consider whether the wrinkled skin on the nipple .

2 . Still standing in front of the mirror , put both hands behind his head and pulled his hands back . With this position it will be easier to find small changes due to cancer . Note the changes in the shape and contour of the breast , especially on the bottom of the breast .

3 . Put both hands on her waist and body slightly leaning towards the mirror , press the shoulder and elbow to the front . Note the change in the size and contour of the breast .

4 . Raise your left arm . By using 3 or 4 fingers right hand , browse the left breast . Move your fingers in a circle ( small circle ) around the breast , starting from the outer edge of the breast and then moving towards the nipple to . Press slowly , feeling every lump or mass under the skin . Do the same on the right breast by lifting the right arm with his left hand and examine it .

Note also the area between the breast and armpit .

5 . Press nipples slowly and see if the discharge from the nipple .
Do this alternately on the left and right breast .

6 . Lying on your back with a pillow placed under the left shoulder and left arm is pulled up Browse the left breast using your right hand fingers . With this position , the breast will flatten and simplify inspection . Do the same on the right breast by putting a pillow under your right shoulder and right arm raised , and breast searches performed by the left hand fingers .

Examination no. 4 and 5 will be easier to do when taking a shower because of the wet hand over the skin more easily moved and slippery .

Diagnosis is based on symptoms and physical examination of the results . Lumps tend to be round and have a fringe which can be distinguished from the surrounding breast tissue , which is often palpable as there are marbles in the breast tissue .

To help establish the diagnosis is usually made needle aspiration or biopsy .

Fibroadenomas often stop growing or even shrink by itself . In such cases , the tumor is usually not removed . If fibroadenoma continues to grow , it must be removed surgically .

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