Cure Asthma with Vitamin B15 Health Benefits

The Benefits of Vitamin B15 in Asthma Treatment

Vitamin B15 or certainly pangamat acid obtained either from natural sources or supplements. Because vitamin B15 supplements are rarely available in the market, does not mean that can not be found. To consume vitamin B15 now have to go through the doctor ordered, because the benefits are directly produced and its chemical structure is different from other B vitamins. 
Vitamin B15 is also abundant in rice, meat, and nuts in this article will discuss the benefits and functions of vitamin B15 for the body even further so that you can read and take the insights from this article.

Prevent Premature Aging (Anti-Aging)
Aging itself is closely related to skin problems. For example, skin is too dull, wrinkled fast, especially on the hands and face. So that vitamin B15 is believed to be an anti-aging remain attractive to some certain circles as adult women and mothers. 

What does vitamin B15 so that it can prevent premature aging? Of course the function of vitamin B15 is as an antioxidant. Where maintaining body cells damaged by oxidation activity in the body. In addition, most multivitamins consist of a composition with a B15 vitamin C and vitamin E. 
Where the two vitamins that also help optimize the skin to avoid premature aging. Some even include vitamin B15 in the form of commercial cosmetics.

Vitamin B15 as well as antioxidants, even the benefits that are associated with the activity of oxygen in the body. Vitamin B15 is believed to improve the body’s use of oxygen when the body is deprived of oxygen. This happens if you are an athlete after exercise, or when in a room full of smoke and very little oxygen there. 

Increased oxygen is also triggered additional work both to improve fatigue in the muscles and brain. So is the body’s antioxidant against oxidation cycle. Vitamin B15 is still associated with the antioxidant was able to repair the walls of blood vessels in certain parts of the body. This marks the prevention of damage to the blood vessels in the area of ​​human vital organs.

Helping Liver In Detoxification
In terms of detoxification, the liver is the body’s main flagship. Because every day we consume food and drink from outside, and breathe air that is not clean. So that the body is poisoned. Be careful that organ detoxification for the body to stay healthy. 

But if the liver is not guarded and allow any food into the body without control, then the program can be damaged organs. Necessary vitamins to maintain or assist the detoxification process such as vitamin B15. By way of helping a stimulus for the endocrine system can make more active so that the liver can function optimally.

Asthma is a disease in which a person may experience shortness of breath or difficulty breathing while certain times. This disease is known as congenital or genetic diseases. So sometimes if someone has asthma disease, he is hard to be in a hot environment, dusty, or even if you fall ill, the disease is often experienced in person. 

So how does vitamin B15 with this disease? Already indicated that vitamin B15 can make the body more oxygen that enter the body when deprived of oxygen. When a person develops asthma, by taking medications that contain vitamin B15, it can be resolved soon. 
Where vitamin B15 is carrying as much oxygen in the body and stimulates the body’s organs to inhale more oxygen. So the asthma disease can be avoided, mitigated, or with the vitamin B15.
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      julia lawson6 years ago

      Nice post ! I would like to add to it that Vitamin B15 helps in the formation of specific amino acids such as methionine. It also plays a vital role in the oxidation of glucose in cellular respiration and like vitamin E – it acts as an antioxidant helping to strengthen the cell. This wonderful vitamin even helps the liver detoxify the body.

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