cure asthma with benefits of nebulizer

The Benefits of Nebulizer to treat respiratory disorders

Benefits of Nebulizer

A nebulizer is a tool to help smooth breathing for the patient. Due to respiratory problems, if left unchecked, could reduce the patient’s condition is concerned ..

Nebulizer was pointless to have any problems with the respiratory tract, such as coughs, colds, or asthma, which also serves to help remove phlegm. He’s better than oral medication because it does not settle in the blood, because of steam, so the side effects of the drug are very small.  

Nebu is not just for asthma, cough and cold too powerful for use with oral medication 3 times a day, usually vapor mixture of drugs is to facilitate the child’s airway if the asthma, Ventolin can use the ampoule, solution & NaCl dosage bisolvon depending on body weight and age of the child should consult a doctor so that proper dosage.

We just say it to the pediatrician when we already have the tools in String together a nebulizer and prescription medicine ask, the doctor will usually prescribe appropriate to age and ill nebul child.

About nebulizer and evaporation is a way of drug delivery via inhalation / exhalation, the same function as with other drug delivery but has a higher effective power than by mouth. medication through a nebulizer is more effective than taking medication, because it is directly inhaled into the lungs, so the dose required is smaller, automatically also safer. 

Usually used for children with asthma or cough that is often severe because of allergies. If it were just a regular cough occasionally do not have to use a nebulizer (or can ask your doctor first)
goal Giving Nebulizer: to deliver drugs through the client spontaneous breathing.

Preparation to Giving Nebulizer
Tools and drugs:
1. oxygen set
2. nebulizer set
3. Normal saline fluids and drugs to be used
4. 5 or 10 cc syringe.
5. Mouth piece if necessary
6. crooked
7. tissues

Giving Nebulizer is giving mixed aerosol substances in airborne particles with air pressure.

procedures Provides Nebulizer: 
1. Monitor vital signs before and after treatment especially in clients who use bronchodilators.
2. Explain the procedure to the client.
3. Adjust the position of the client as comfortable as possible is most often in a position semifowler, guard privacy.
4. Attendant hand washing.
5. Filled nebulizer medication (according to the program of treatment) and normal saline fluid ± 4-6cc.
6. Turn nebulizer nebulizer and then connect the hose to the oxygen flow meter and set the flow at 4-5 liters / minute, or to the air compressor.
7. Instruct client to waste breath.
8. Ask the client to take a deep breath through the mouth piece, hold breath while breathing through the nose and then throw away.
9. Observation of the development of lung / chest client.
10. Ask the client to breathe in slowly and after all the drug vaporized.
11. Completed action, encourage the client to cough after breathing in a few times (effective cough techniques).
12. Clients trimmed.
13. Trimming tool.
14. Attendant hand washing.
15. Record the client’s responses and actions taken.

The things to note:
1. Treat clients carefully.
2. When clients need to be accompanied by the initial actions to be seen calm.

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