Coffee Benefits ; Best time for Coffee time

Most of you consume coffee in the morning as a breakfast menu. Sometimes you also consume coffee when you want it.

Coffee has many health benefits for the body. As reported by, a Harvard study says that those who consumed 1-3 cups of coffee a day can avoid the risk of diabetes. Not only that, coffee is also able to provide an injection of enthusiasm for the body in the morning.

Health Benefits of Coffee

But apparently after lunch you were also required to consume coffee. This is because coffee ability to process glucose in the body of the most effective is in the daytime, especially after lunch. That is the reason why coffee can lower diabetes in the body.

Coffee substances capable of digesting glucose is called chlorogenic acid. This acid can digest glucose and also address inflammation and improve insulin hormone. Besides that, Coffee also contains magnesium which serves to regulate blood sugar.

So after lunch, do not forget to insert a cup of coffee in your lunch menu.

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    There is good news for coffee lovers. Because according to a recent study,

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