Coconut Oil or Butter, Which is Healthier?

Using materials that are safe and healthy for your diet is very important. Make a different choice could have great significance

When you want to replace the materials must be known nutritional content. Is it a better material or not.

As is the current trend is to replace the use of butter with coconut oil, for allegedly healthier. What about the reality ?

Is coconut oil is healthier than butter ? As reported by Eating Well, here is the explanation of differences in nutrition in coconut oil and butter.

Nutritional Values ​​( per tablespoon )

Coconut oil : 117 calories, 14 grams total fat, 12 grams of saturated fat

Unsalted butter : 102 calories, 12 grams total fat, 7 grams saturated fat

Based on these figures, it seems feasible butter is still an option, especially for those who want to avoid high-fat foods. The number of calories and fat in butter is lower than oil, fat percentage of saturated fats also lower by 58 % to 86 %.

It’s just excess oil it contains lauric acid lemat very powerful to kill pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Not only was the content of coconut oil fatty acid chain types are very good medium to fend off diabetes and accelerate the metabolism making it suitable for those who want to keep the weight off.

So even though a lot of fat, coconut oil has more value for health.

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