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Dragonfruit benefits : Treatment for HIV AIDS

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Benefits of Dragon fruit Dragon fruit (Hylocereus polyrhizus) is a native fruit of Central America and grows in areas with tropical climates, subtropical, arid to temperate regions. The benefits of dragon fruit has been known throughout the world.This fruit is an excellent antioxidant that can protect the body from free radicals and cancer. The fruit

Benefits of aloe vera

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aloevera benefits The aloe vera Benefits There are many benefits of aloe vera plant. During this time we may only know as aloe vera plants growing in the yard and we rarely use. But in fact, from the results of various studies known properties of aloe vera was very much. But did you know that

Benefits of Apples

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Benefits of Apples The Healthy Benefits of Apples Apples contain high antioxidant, anti-oxidants can also help lower bad cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol will protect you from heart disease. Benefits of apples as a food rich in fiber and water level. Choose foods with fiber content like fruits, vegetables, cereals, wheat. Apples with pears, citrus fruits

Caffeine Beneficial to Liver Health

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Exciting news for those who are used to sipping coffee or tea every day. It turned positive habits contribute to health care, according to the findings of a recent study from a team of international researchers DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School and Duke University School of Medicine, USA. The research team found that increased intake of

Halthy Benefits of Durian

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Make Your Brain more Powerfull with Durian Benefits When it comes to taste, there is no sensation that belies the taste of durian. Up in western reference point mentioned ‘smells like hell, but tastes like heaven’. Westerners more fully describe by a British naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace, who among other things said that the durian