Cancer story: Do not Give Up On This Disease, I Can Heal

Cancer, diseases that lurk many people and is increasingly become a disease that may plague us. Increasingly, more and more reasons and factors that we can be contracted cancer.
Charlotte Newman, never expected and could not accept that cancer struck him at a very young age, 23 years. But this woman did not want to give up, he proved that he could be cured of the disease.
When you look at the following picture, maybe you will think she is a beautiful girl who only serve as a model for cancer campaign poster Teenage Cancer Trust. But if you look further, you will realize that it uses a wig.
Yes, this girl is facing a type of bone cancer. Made his stomach always in pain, the day he felt pain more intense and her hair started falling out because. “I felt my stomach fullness and bloating. Increasingly feels hard and swollen,” said Charlotte.
Previously, even tried to be strong with the illness, Charlotte knew something was odd. This girl did not think about the cancer because he did not attack the cancer at the age of 23 years. But when he found the fact that he had cancer, said cancer as shadowing and kept turning in his head.
The first time she knew it, she was in shock and ran out of the room doctors. He was crying uncontrollably and father as well as his mother tried to calm Charlotte. This occurred more than five months ago, until finally Charlotte joined the Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT).
It is not easy for Charlotte to cancer patients, and anyone else. But in the end, Charlotte re confident here. He did many things that may seem silly, but it’s better than she had wept for her illness.
TCT became a sort of group therapy for Charlotte. They build a mutually reinforcing bond. Their solidarity is very high when Charlotte tells that she is a girly girl, and a participant brought a wig and eyebrow shaping teaching that fall.
Charlotte to be more optimistic than ever. He knew this deadly disease, but at least he knew not to be afraid to face the disease. One remedy cure a disease is optimism and positive thinking. And this is what you want to share by Charlotte TCT through his campaign.

“I decided to go ahead. Now I have a routine check up, was not easy but I’ve received a part of life. I dismissed the thought and sad memories, and just think of the fun stuff,” says Charlotte.

Do not be afraid of the disease and the challenges of life that you have. We all have the spirit of a long candle equipped to deal with it. It’s time to turn it on and make it a weapon against fear and sadness. Hopefully inspire, Ladies.
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