Cancer Detection from Breath

The disease is often difficult to detect cancer early. Patients usually come to see the doctor is already in a state of severe or advanced stage that it is difficult to cure.

But now there is a new hope in detecting early cancer. Scientists in Israel successfully invent a screening method claimed capable of detecting breathing four most common types of cancer affects the lung, breast, stomach and prostate.

Is Professor Abraham Kuten of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, who developed respiratory cancer detection through this. These findings were published in the latest issue of the British Journal of Cancer.

Kuten and his team is optimistic, one day will present a kind of portable electronic sensors that can help doctors detect symptoms of cancer through breath.

In his research, experts from Israel involves volunteer consisting of 177 healthy people and cancer patients with different types. The results showed that the sensor “electronic nose ” created Kuten capable of detecting chemical substances produced by tumor cells that appear in breathing.

“This study shows that” electronic nose” can distinguish between healthy and breath breath that indicated dangerous, and can also distinguish types of cancers participants of breath,” said Kuten.

“If we can confirm these findings in a large-scale studies, this new technology could become a simple tool for early diagnosis of cancer picture. ‘s Also going to be an easy way to assess and monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment and detect the effectiveness of cancer treatment and detection of cancer recurrence,” Kuten said.

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