Brushing Teeth – Avoid Dangerous diseases

The Benefits of Brushing Teeth to Avoid Dangerous Diseases

teeth brushing health benefits
Brushing Teeth – Avoid Dangerous diseases
Do not underestimate brushing teeth activity and the benefits of brushing your teeth because if we do not take care of our teeth properly, it would effects not only cause damage to the teeth, gums, and oral cavity alone. However, risk is also affected by the disease, such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke. That is expressed by dental experts based on research they did, one of whom was Professor Howard Jenkins of the University of Bristol in England.

Do you know what the benefits of brushing your teeth? Here is an explanation about the benefits of brushing your teeth.

Rubbing Dental Benefits

According to Indonesian Dentists Association, the activities aimed to clear brush our mouths from the rest of the food to be fermented leftovers did not last too long, so it can cause plaque. That way, we can avoid tooth decay.

Brushing teeth should also be done properly in order to clean the tooth surface of the plaque. Because the plaque will continue to be produced from time to time, and then brush your teeth regularly is the appropriate action in order to preserve teeth from any damage. There are various types of brushing teeth, is as follows.

Top 3 Type Brushing Teeth

Vertical movement. Direction of vertical movement is done with the brush up and down and over and under the circumstances jaw closed. The vertical movement of the surface of the teeth that leads to the cheek (buccal or labial). Meanwhile, the movement of the teeth that leads to the tongue and palate (lingual or palatal), upward movement is rubbed down with mouth open state.

Horizontal movement. Horizontal direction of movement is towards the front and to the rear is made from the buccal and lingual surfaces. Meanwhile, the movement of the brush area with a scrub brush chewable called.

Roll motion techniques or modifications Stillman. Brush your teeth in this way is very simple movement, highly recommended, efficient, and able to reach all parts of the mouth. Toothbrush bristles are positioned on the surface of the gums and slowly move through the surface of the gum so that the back of the brush head moves in the arch.

By brushing your teeth properly, you will get the benefits of brushing your teeth, including the following.

Top 5 Benefits of Brushing Teeth

1. White and clean teeth
By having clean white teeth sure there will be many benefits that we can. Health and dental hygiene can be a plus in each of our appearance. With teeth white and clean, we will be more confident when communicating with others. Another case if our teeth yellow because rarely brush their teeth. Our confidence would be reduced.

2. Overcome bad breath
Have breath odor would make us miserable. Many people will choose to avoid when we’re talking. Actually, there are many things that can cause bad breath. One reason is from the food we eat.

The remnants of food left on the teeth will cause bad smell and makes us so smelly breath. Therefore, brushing teeth properly plus rinsing to cope with the smell of the mouth. Because toothbrush and toothpaste will help us eliminate the remnants of the meal.

3. Preventing tooth decay
Cause cavities due to the meeting between the bacteria and sugar. Bacteria will convert sugar from food scraps to acid. This will make the environment around the teeth to acid. Well, this is the acid that will make a small hole in the tooth enamel. If not prevented, then the holes in the teeth will get bigger.

To prevent cavities, you should brush your teeth 2 times a day about 20 or 30 minutes after a meal so that the pH in the oral cavity returns to normal. If there is a condition that does not allow us to brush your teeth, we can change it by rinsing with clean water.

4. Prevent Toothache
Toothache is not only experienced by the children, but adults, teens, and even parents can have a toothache. Toothache can be caused by many different things with varying disease. Unfortunately, there are still many people who are less aware of the dangers of dental disease that it can cause severe disease and death.

In a mass media in the United States, reported a 12-year-old boy died of the disease in the teeth (one tooth abscess). This is because the child never got treatment on his teeth because they come from poor families.

Some dental disease can cause complications, where the germs from tooth spread to the brain, an effect that is felt generally making a pain in the head. Some also cause disease in which blood vessels in the event of a blood clot in the brain it could lead to strokes and heart attacks. By brushing your teeth regularly, at least we can petrify them to avoid dangerous diseases.

5. Become More Confident
Our confidence will increase if the activity starts working with a fresh breath and clean teeth, especially those who worked in the field of marketing, teacher, doctor, customer service, and others.

Another benefits of brush your teeth after breakfast is to improve a person’s self confidence. You can freely smile, laugh, and communicate with others without worrying about bad breath or worry there is still dirt on the teeth.
That was the benefits of brushing teeth, have you brushing your teeth today?
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      Keeping your teeth clean is far more then just brushing and flossing. We have included 7 different ways that one can keep their teeth clean on a regular basis.

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      Frequent scrubbing of teeth assists in fighting heart infections. It was discovered that persons who seldom or never scrubbed their teeth have at least 70 % higher risk of cardiovascular illnesses such as heart attacksin compare with persons who are often tooth brushing.

      Source : News Health Today

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      Use disclosing tablets off and on to check if any plaque remains on the teeth after brushing. These tablets will colour any plaque left on the teeth after brushing and another benefits is Start flossing your child's teeth when you see these touching together.

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