Brain Gym for Brain Health

The Benefits of Brain Gym for Brain Health

benefits of brain exercise for brain health

The Benefits of Brain Gym

Brain Gym (Gymnastics Brain) is a training program developed by prof. paul E.Dennison, Ph.D. and Gail E. Dennison since 1970. This program was originally designed to cope with learning disorders in children and adults. The main thing is learning should be natural and fun activities are carried throughout life.

Learning difficulty usually comes from the inability to cope with stress and doubt in the face of a new task. Brain gym exercises the brain or is a method in place to optimize brain function. Brain Gym is done with certain gestures that cause stimulation to the nerves and brain cells.

The movement includes movement of the hands, feet, head, and there is also a way to draw a number 8 repeated. Every movement in various parts of the body have different functions. And the result is very surprising, the ability to think, brain durability and so on.

All of the movement will be felt for the people who do brain exercises routinely and regularly. Despite all these moves seem strange but this all movement should not be underestimated because it is so beneficial.

The following is benefits of brain exercise for brain health:

1. Lets learn and work without stress.
2. Can be used in a short time (less than 5 minutes).
3. Does not require special materials or place.
4. Can be used in all situations, including while studying / working.
5. Increase self-confidence.
6. Show results immediately.
7. Can be explained by neurophysiology: “why learning is not all in your head”
8. Highly effective in the treatment of a person experiencing barriers to learning and stress.
9. be autonomous one in terms of learning, and to enable all potential
and skills of a person.
10. Recognized as one of the most well studied technique by National Learning Foundation USA, and is widespread in more than 80 countries
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